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Connecting with Our Passed on Loved Ones by Psychic Benji

Date 7/11/2023
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Seeing a butterfly up close is a good chance a loved one is paying you a visit.

Seeing a butterfly up close is a good chance a loved one is paying you a visit.

Often I get clients coming to me wanting to communicate with a passed-on loved one and they tell me to tell them that they love and miss them! My response to that is you can tell them, they’re with YOU! Their love for you deepens and is a guiding light in your life, more so than it could have been in the physical world. Can you believe that?! They are now limitless without this human body or vehicle needed to be on Earth. So, they can assist us in a much faster way!

What I really want to get across to you is that they hear you when you speak to them or pray to them! Even when you think about them! They will show you this if what you were just mentioning to them or thinking about in regards to them, something similar may pop up on the internet or someone you talk to at work mentions the exact thing you were talking to your passed-on loved one about. These are called synchronicities. That is the way Spirit communicates with the physical world we live in. Validating that they hear us by showing us in our daily lives those exact things. 

Learning Another Language – Communication from the Spirit Realm

Now when it comes to communication from the spirit realm, they speak to us in another language. It’s like they just went to their home country and have been there for so long, they forgot the English language that some of us speak here. But now, they are fluent in their native tongue! Below I am going to include how you can better feel them and connect with them, as well as common synchronicities that Spirit uses to speak with us.

One way you can connect on a deeper level with your passed-on loved one is by making time to get quiet. Whether it be meditation, going out in nature, just sitting in silence, breath work, etc. Practicing stillness allows us to clear our minds, settle our egos and open up our spirits to connect to our true consciousness which is unconditional love. Our loved ones on the other side are a part of this beautiful galactic energy. Also, by getting still, you allow yourself to be more receptive to when your loved ones do give you signs. You’ll be centered enough to not question it as well as not constantly looking for signs that will in turn, make you question them. It allows them to connect with you and surprise you with their presence or simply their validation.

Another way to communicate with the spirit realm may be through actually coming in physical contact with an object near and dear to your loved one.  A psychic who specializes in psychometry readings can further assist if you want to try this method. 

Common Ways That Spirit Uses to Communicate


Spirit will use animals that are around us, even the gross ones like flies, to not leave us alone or present themselves at the exact times we are thinking about them or crying, and they send this animal over to comfort us. Take that as a sign… because it is!  

An ancient Chinese legend states that butterflies are visiting souls, so if you see a butterfly, there’s a good chance it’s actually your loved one paying you a visit. It’s even more likely if the butterfly comes unusually close or lands on you.

Spirit influences the animals in our vicinity to show you they are with you. Even if it’s an annoying gnat. Trust me on this, I know from experience!

Angel Numbers

Spirit and numerology go hand in hand. Whether it’s a significant date you see often pertaining to your loved one or just number sequences like 444, 555, 1111. You’ll seem to not be able to escape them! License plates, clocks, number of emails, how many views a video you’re watching got. They show up consistently! I always tell my clients if a particular number sequence comes through pertaining to their loved one, to look it up on our Psychic Source Numerology Guide to get more of an idea of what that specific number means, and let Spirit know what that number means for you!

Let Spirit know to show you that number when they are near or when your specific loved one is saying Hello. The key to remember is, you’re developing a dialogue with your passed-on loved ones by letting them know how you want them to communicate with you! Uncle Jimmy, show me 444 when you are listening! Or (referring back to the previous section) Grandma, send me a red cardinal when I need a reminder, you’re with me! It’s that simple!!


Feathers are a common way for loved ones to let you know they're still around. Feathers will appear when you least expect it and usually seem to come out of nowhere. Finding one on your pillow in the morning is an obvious sign, although you will often experience a white feather falling from the sky just in front of you. 

Pets Act Strangely

Animals are also sensitive to spirits and may bark at empty areas or look at certain parts of the house and act on guard. You can never be sure what this is because they may remember someone being in that area, it could be a mouse or termites, do not be alarmed. But even as often, the pet can sense or see entities that we cannot. 


This is a pretty general category only because it will pertain to you and your loved one’s relationship here in the physical. But Spirit shows up in times when things just simultaneously happen that it almost seems like perfect timing. That is because it is of course, always! But that is a clear sign from Spirit showing you that they are helping you from the other side. Below are a few examples:

Hearing their Name

Hearing your loved one’s name often randomly is also a way Spirit communicates with us or seeing something that pertains to them when they were here very often! Or you’ll see them when something occurs in your life, that is your loved one letting you know once again, they are with you and assisting you!

A Special Song

If you and your loved ones shared a special song, or you played a particular song at a funeral, it’s likely that you will hear this song again. It might be that you turn on the radio to find that it’s already on air, or you may hear it from a passing car.

A Familiar Scent

You will often associate a specific smell with loved ones. This can be weeks, months, and even years after the loved one has passed. These are smells are ones associated with that person in life. These scents can be cologne or perfume, cut flowers, pipe smoke or cigars, gasoline, the smell of wood or even coffee perking. Often, the smell is a reminder of the person who has passed away. More than any other sense, smells are associated with memory. When this smell happens, in a sense, the person is being brought back if only momentarily. Noticing these smells when there is no reasonable explanation for you to do so is a sign your loved one is close.

Special Dates

If you know when your loved ones might visit, it makes it easier to connect with them. Spirits will often use special days, such as birthdays or anniversaries, to send you a message. If you set aside some time on these days to communicate with your loved ones, you might notice them sending you a sign.

Spirit Communication May Not Happen Immediately

Feeling a sense of urgency when you set your intentions on communicating with a deceased loved one is normal, but it’s important that you realize that these things take time. Your emotions may reach chaotic levels during this period of great loss, so you may find the focus necessary to communicate a little out of reach. Plus, your loved one’s spirit may have its own challenges. Give it some time.

Our loved ones in Spirit will always be assisting us and supporting us from Heaven! They want all of us to fulfill our purposes here and to know we will meet again one day when it is our time! Getting used to a different form of communication seems weird and uncomfortable but believing in it, will ultimately make it happen so much more often! Receiving the signs from your loved ones and allowing yourself to feel their love for you is worth letting go of doubt.

There is so much more to this Universe than we can lay our eyes on and our loved ones are protected and held so sweetly by The Divine’s embrace. Release any negative feelings to them! They want us to be happy. So, let’s do the best that we can. 


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Benji is a published author and poet that writes about her experiences as a spiritual teacher and of course spiritual student! She is a Professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Channeler that works for The Great Divine! She is dedicated to showing others they are not alone here and that there is so much more to life than this!! Her motivation stems from being on the opposite side of light as well as experiencing several life experiences that lead her to having nothing but faith, which is where it all started! She works to help others to transform their own lives in many different ways with her spiritual abilities and has the utmost integrity in the truth of Spirit’s messages with every client!


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