Children live and learn after experiencing the death of a pet

Published Date 10/4/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

Children live and learn after experiencing the death of a pet

There's nothing worse than having to break the news to your children that a loved one has passed on, especially when it's someone close to them - specifically a pet. Recently, I had to break the news to my kids that their goldfish had unexpectedly died as soon as they arrived home from school.

I wasn't sure if I handled the situation properly, so I decided to speak to my psychic in fear that I might've said the wrong thing to my kids. During my online psychic reading, she told me that I handled the situation completely fine and that my children will recover within the next couple of weeks.

Since it was the loss of their first pet, they had a right to be upset. My psychic told me that she sees us adopting a cat within the next six months - a calico cat. She said that this will give my children a better understanding of life, death and how to cope with loss in the future.
Suzie is a guest blogger for Psychic Source. She's a 45-year-old mother of three children who enjoys yoga, painting and taking walks with her dog.

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