Celebrities Who Use Psychics: George Clooney

Published Date 8/30/2016
Category: Loss & Grieving

Even award winning actor/director George Clooney has turned to psychics for help.

It’s no secret that advice from people with more knowledge, insight, and experience can help you make wise choices about your life and career. When you face stressful circumstances, guidance for how to move forward becomes even more important. You don’t have to look very far to find celebrities who recognize the value of seeking counsel through psychic chat sessions, whether in person, over the phone, or online. With all his fame and fortune, even George Clooney turned to a psychic for help in a time of stress and grief.

Falling in Love With a Pet

When he was dating Kelly Preston, George Clooney bought her a black Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Named Max, this beloved pet grew to be 300 pounds. Eventually, Preston left Clooney, but Max stayed. Able to roam and sleep wherever he pleased, the pig had a place of honor in Clooney’s mansion overlooking Laurel Canyon. Reportedly, Max even shared Clooney’s bed, cuddling up with his owner just as a loyal dog or cat might do.

Love Me, Love My Pig

Clooney owned the pig during a time in his life when he dated many women. With great frequency, the Hollywood celebrity magazines published photos and stories about Clooney’s noteworthy dating life. On more than one occasion, press coverage of his break-ups mentioned the pig as one reason the relationship didn’t last. At the time, Clooney was quoted as saying he and Max were a package deal, so any woman who was interested in being with Clooney had to also accept the pig.

Clooney’s Pig Passes

At the age of 19, the pig was in pain and unable to get around due to having arthritis. In addition, the animal had vision problems that contributed to its declining condition. The year was 2006 when Max died. Speaking to a reporter an hour after Max passed away, Clooney expressed surprise and sadness, noting the pig had played a big part in his life.

Seeking Help From a Psychic

After sharing his home and life with Max for so many years, it’s no wonder Clooney was devastated by the pig’s death. According to various reports, Clooney reached out to a psychic in 2009 hoping to connect with Max. It’s unclear whether Clooney called a psychic hotline or visited a psychic in person. Either way, the psychic succeeded in contacting Max.

Comfort and Joy From the Great Beyond

The psychic assured Clooney that Max had loved his life and enjoyed living with the Hollywood star. Specifically, the pig indicated he had a very happy life as Clooney’s companion. The pig loved Clooney so much, he revealed to the psychic that his spirit still likes to visit Clooney from time to time.

Clooney is one of many stars who consult psychics in times of stress, grief, and confusion. Other celebrities pursue different styles of predictions and spiritual help, from getting tarot readings to visiting with psychics one-on-one. But no matter which style of divination they choose, they know that there's help out there for them in the universe. 


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