Can You Give Me a Reading Sweetheart? - A Memoir of My Mother by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 5/8/2019
Category: Loss & Grieving

"Can you give me a reading sweetheart?"

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One of the last conversations with my mother went something like this.  She said to me to “take care of my family and to stay home, that she was doing great and she was proud of her family, that she had more help now, but she appreciated immensely all that I have done for her and others and that she was proud of her girls.” Yet the second to the last thing my mother ever said to me, weeks before her passing was, "Can you give me a reading sweetheart?"

When my own mother asks me for a reading, I literally took a deep breath. She was the master Oracle in my opinion, and for whatever reason, I had never given my own mother an official reading, my sisters have asked before but not my mother (as seen in the photo).

I replied, "A reading on what, lol? You're perfect. I'm too close with all your situations mother it would be hard for me to separate myself, but here goes. Please remove all thought of your past and be open minded to new messages. Mom, what is your question please, your main question in life now?"

"My main question Mackenzie, please understand it - Will I ever find true peace?"

My jaw dropped, internally asking myself, what did my mother just ask me? Say what? Oh my, how am I to be so profound as to guide my own mother on her road to peace? She used to give us readings, telling us all the good things possible and she said, "Mackenzie I need to know, will you tell me your answer, please? Honey, I'm so tired and I trust your deepest insights."

Her face looked weak but pretty, as she smiled and said, “Pretty please with sugar on top?" (FYI - I'll never get through writing this article without cleansing myself with tears either, here they come.) She wanted my answer, so I gave it to her.

In utter fear, I pronounced, "Your peace is in passing knowledge along to others that will help them. In your own passing, you will be luxuriously cared for and at peace."  I was horrified for a second, yet I saw her smile sweetly.  Of course, I already sensed her passing soon. I hoped her knowing that her sharing her own insights to us and her own positive forces within her were her peace.

I know in her passing she's resting well and to each of you who share a loss of a physical presence of a loved one, I share in your grieving and yet in the hope and knowledge that what we too pass is our own peace. To each of you, may you find your own peace in life as well.  I was fortunate to have a spiritual mother who knew how to manifest high virtues, a blessing and another road to true peace. My mother wants nothing more than to share her peace now.

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can5553: Profound and beautifully written. I find peace in your words and your bond with your mother. I also find peace within my own grief journey.

Trice81: Mackenzie thank you for sharing the most beautiful moment. You are truly blessed and I’m honored to witness your blessings

Grobray: Very touching and enlightening??????God bless her! ??????

SamilW33: Very beautiful may God bless her and giving her truth peace. As a single mother I always motivate my 5 children and showed them how with positive attitudes you get far in life which now all 5 are successful. The truth was I was always sad in the inside and worried on how to maintain a roof and food for them with no help. Now I'm rich inside and out:)

Richelle2243: ????Beautiful

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