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7 Steps to Open the Door for Love After Loss by Psychic MaryJane

Date 2/3/2021
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How do you get back out there after suffering loss?

How do you get back out there after suffering loss?

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Let's face it, dating someone who has had a profound loss requires a special person. Loss can be many things, the death of a loved one, a divorce or an especially heartbreaking end to a partnership. It can encompass the loss of a job, a pet or even that invisible bag you carry around filled with the pain of love you never received. So basically, everyone has loss – to varying degrees of course.

But what if it’s you who’s suffered the loss and are at a point where you feel you are finally able to move forward… Now what? You may ask yourself “Who is that special person and how do I find them? More importantly, what should I be doing?”

Putting yourself out there is a scary venture. Suddenly you are scrutinizing every detail of your life. Then try to pretend you are someone who doesn't know you and you put a lot of energy into what YOU think THEY will think about you. Heaven's to Murgatroyd, it is all so energy draining!

But don't worry, I've been there myself, so I know how it feels. Here are my 7 steps to help you open the door for love after dealing with loss.

  1. Be patient and loving towards yourself. Think about all the wonderful parts of you. I am talking about the quirks and idiosyncrasies too. Embrace what makes you, you…
  2. Now set your intentions. Be thankful and get yourself in the mindset that he or she has already come into your life. Manifesting, it takes some practice but soon it will be second nature to you. Experiment with small things to prove this way of manifesting!
  3. TRUST. Trust that divine timing will bring you what your heart desires.
  4. Be vulnerable and open about your fears. People aren't mind readers, though some are psychic!
  5. Check your self-assessment. Ask if this is a pattern for me? (i.e. saying hurtful things when you are fearful things aren't going well).
  6. Be patient. Sometimes the person who is divinely destined to come into your life is simply not ready due to their path journey. Be mindful of this.
  7. Finally, take baby steps to opening the door to your heart. This can be joining an online social group, opening up to friends or family or just saying "I am feeling lonely and would love to meet someone who could gently pick up my heart." 

I don't consider myself an expert, but as I said, I have been there. I have suffered the tragic pain of losing my dear husband. I eventually navigated the scary path of seeking love and I am sure glad I did.

Reach out to any of the amazing advisors on Psychic Source. Sometimes it helps to hear a wise, kind stranger to nudge you in the direction your soul is waiting to soar.

May we all open the door to our hearts.

MaryJane x3638


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