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12 Ways to Recognize Contact from Our Crossed-Over Pets by Psychic Andromeda

Date 5/21/2020
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Your pet may be contacting you from the beyond in a variety of ways.

Your pet may be contacting you from the beyond in a variety of ways.

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I speak from experience when I say that losing a dear pet, especially unexpectedly, can be devastating. It can bring on grief quite like that of losing a child. For some who don't have children of their own, pets are indeed like children. Nothing can prepare us for the loss of a precious fur child, but there are ways that we can more closely recognize contact from them after their passing. 

Usually the process of connecting with our pet takes a few weeks to yield results. Initially the pain of the loss can be so raw that the animal's spirit is unable to find a way in to their momma's or daddy's conscious mind. From my own personal experience with this sort of trauma, I've found that there is a waiting period of at least a few days, but usually a few weeks, before there is enough clarity in which to receive the pet's spirit messages and signs. However, if we know what to look for, those signs are there! 

I lost my dear little 12-year old fur baby a year ago, right after a difficult surgery; one that should have been successful in the sense that it would have given her more years with me. I was angry at God, even though I tried to be spiritual and to keep in mind that all things happen just as they are meant to. I will be honest, all I really wanted was a sign from her that she was okay and still with me. Then, and only then, would I be able to put my shattered soul back together again. I ordered every spiritual and animal guide book that I could get my hands on, but the truth was, my baby-dog was only going to come to me when she knew that I could handle the visit. This took two months to occur, and it did not happen because I willed it. It was on her terms. It took me quite by surprise, but then after the first one, the visits and the signs just kept coming. To this day, they continue!

  • Have you lost a dear pet? 
  • Are you wondering how to contact him or her but don't know what to look for? 
  • Are you afraid you will miss the contact when it does come?  

Here are a dozen tips or signs to help you recognize pet spirit contact and how to stay open to the messages you'll receive as you move through this challenging time.

1 -
As I did, you may find yourself sitting up late at night in the dark, awaiting contact--a noise, panting, purring, a whine, a meow, a brushing by of their fur against your ankle. After a few hours, you may give up and go to bed, only to have a most vivid dream that they are there with you. Or you may be awakened by movement of the bed sheets, or a scratching at the bedroom door. Yes, THIS is contact!

2 -
You may be working around the house, putting away laundry, doing dishes or vacuuming, thinking about what you need to accomplish next, deep in thought. And then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadow, some movement. And then it is gone. This too is contact!

3 - Butterflies landing on you, especially your face.

4 -
Seeing your pet's name everywhere.

5 -
Meeting others, out of the blue, who have just lost pets too.

6 -
Missing socks, things out of place, items toppled… but how if you're alone in the house?

7 -
A strange sensation that your pet has moved into a space in your body and is traveling everywhere with you now, often near the neck or heart areas.

8 -
Mysterious issues with the electronics in your home, such as blinking lights, blown fuses, several bulbs blowing out at once.  Yes, this happened to me. I was speaking about my dog to my partner when suddenly several bulbs flashed and went out on our banister twinkle lights!

9 -
Hearing their collar tags jingling, their claws tapping on the floor, smelling the cologne that the groomer always applied after their bath/clip, or suddenly smelling wet dog.

The phone rings, and no one is there. Human spirits aren't the only ones who use telephones to make contact! My doggy used my cell. In a dream, she sent me a text that said, “I'M HERE.” I sat bolt upright, only to realize that my phone was on the charger across the room.

11 -
Finding toys that they used to play with hidden around the house in various places. And you thought you had found and put away all those things so that you didn't spend all day looking at them and crying like a baby!

12 -
Last, but certainly not least, contact may come by way of them sending you your next companion. As much as your fur child loved, and still loves you, they do not want you to live out the rest of your years on Earth without the warm cuddles and soft kisses that they are sure you deserve. They will direct the meeting of you and the new pet so clearly that it cannot be denied. And you will KNOW.  It is TIME, not to replace your crossed over fur baby, but to continue the tradition of deep love that you shared with them. You will intuitively sense when this time has come, and you can ask for guidance from them as you move through this delicate new bonding experience. After all, you learned how to love from a master, and they would want you to share all that love in memory of them; for that is the legacy they leave us with as they depart to the Rainbow Bridge--love that is never-ending. 

We are blessed to share in the lives of animals, they have much to teach us about life!

To learn more, please connect with one of our gifted Pet Psychics and Animal Communicators. 

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