Guide To Aura Reading

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What Is an Aura?

On An Essential level, an aura is the magnetic field that surrounds each living being. It is also known as the human energy field, or HEF.

Instead of a single entity, an aura is made of seven different layers that interrelate and form a relatively cohesive body. The layers reflect physical, emotional, rational, astral, and divine components of each person.

Each person has their own aura that reflects their personal energy and affects their ability to connect with others. Most people have an aura that envelops them within about a 3-foot radius, generally extending 18 inches to 2 feet from the outside of your body. People who have endured trauma and tragedy often have larger auras.

Most people do not see it with the naked eye. However, clairvoyants perceive it, and the aura can be picked up on camera via Kirlian photography.

Each color in the aura has meaning. Some clairvoyants also detect energy patterns, blockages, and scenes in the energy field. There’s a lot of information available for someone gifted with that type of sight.

The missing, and quite important, piece of information about seeing and interpreting auras is so simple that it seems obvious once pointed out. Here’s the thing: because we all have an aura that immediately surrounds our bodies, before we perceive someone else’s energy field, we perceive our own! We must look through our own energy first, in order to see someone else’s.

Being Self-Aware Enough To See Auras

In order for anyone to accurately perceive and interpret auras, he or she must be self-aware enough to recognize where the self ends and another begins. Otherwise, the perception and interpretation is only a projection of the self, instead of a perception of the other person. More adept individuals, such as spirit mediums, who have developed the skill of bilocation (leaving the body but staying in close proximity in order to be able to continue perceiving the immediate environment), are more clearly able to provide aura interpretations. These impressions can be useful in scanning the body for blockages and imbalances, detecting and reflecting personality strengths, and describing scenes of events that have recently occurred or are about to occur.

Professional clairvoyants enjoy using this perception to enhance psychic readings and energy healings, even at a distance. It is a special gift and skill to hone, that adds depth to your experience of your psychic reading, whether via phone or chat.

Edgar Cayce, the great American mystic said, “An aura is an effect, not a cause. Every atom, every molecule tells the story of itself, its pattern, its purpose, through the vibrations which emanate from it. Colors are the perceptions of these vibrations by the human eye. As the souls of individuals travel through the realms they shift and change their patterns as they use or abuse opportunities presented to them. Thus at any time a soul will give off through vibrations the story of itself and the condition in which it now exists.” Cayce went on to say, “So, when I see an aura, I see the man as he is. By experience I have learned to tell a good deal from the intensity of colors...

Getting an Energy Healing

Energy healing is a type of therapy that manipulates our physical energy circuits to help facilitate our body's healing mechanisms. This holistic approach is excellent for assisting in the healing process by unblocking our energy fields and helps to ward off future problems by identifying issues before they turn into pain in our physical body. By addressing the energy of your body, you will promote better health and greater clarity.

Aura cleansing, chakra balancing, crystal healing and Reiki are just a few ways to promote energy healing and keep up an inner balance. While not a substitute for advice from a personal physician for the physical body, these methods help you make a faster, easier recovery by getting you in touch with the spiritual body. One should always consult their physician for any physical ailments. These pain-free practices work by rebalancing the body's energy and clearing the energy fields. By working directly with the energy, this influences everything from mental, spiritual, to physical well-being.

Energy healing is not regulated by law. It does not require state or federal licensing or any type of universal licensing. However, many energy healers do have professional certifications and have been trained in specific types of healing.

Many energy therapists and healers have a background in alternative or complementary medicine. Massage therapists, nurses, social workers, and counselors often find themselves drawn to the energy work professions. It’s not surprising that many energy workers may also be licensed medical practitioners.

If you are interested in using a holistic energy healer you should ask what methods and modalities that the practitioner uses, and if they have any certifications or professional credentials. It’s a good idea to find out exactly what the session entails. The trust and comfort factor is especially important in distance healing, as well as in-person sessions.

Distance Healing

Because our energy doesn’t end at the surface of the skin or even at the edge of the aura that surrounds us, energy work can be done from a distance. All energy healing work requires that the healer has an enhanced state of awareness, as well as the ability to focus and direct energy. Since energy is not bound by physical objects, physical distance is not a roadblock for the healer.

Healing interaction is not limited by distance or even time, but it is necessary that a strong connection exist between the healer and the person who needs to be healed. Energy in the form of electromagnetic bio-photons is constantly communicating by sending and receiving information from the body. Healers (natural and developed intuitives) of all types have a heightened awareness of, and a focused connection on those they try to help.

An energy healer can sense the presence of imbalance and dis-ease in order to promote healing. Distance healing has a variety of modalities that can be done remotely. Perhaps the best known is Reiki. But there is also Qi Gong, chakra healing, aura cleansing, crystal healing, Pranic, and Shamanic, as well as hybrid types of energy work like light therapy, sound healing and magnetic therapy. All distance healing therapies require the healer to receive health and body information and send clear positive healing energy.

How Can You Learn Energy Healing Techniques?

In ancient times, energy healers passed down their knowledge. Healers learned through an apprenticeship. Experienced and trained healers still often teach these skills to students.

Many people in the helping/medical professions are attracted to energy healing. But being in the helping professions or having a medical background is not a requirement to become an energy healer.

If you find yourself interested in becoming an energy healer, start with research. Find out about the different types of energy healing. Read, attend lectures, and ask other energy healers for direction.

There are a variety of energy healing courses available both online and at alternative medicine schools and institutions.

You may be able to find someone locally that is an experienced professional who offers training. Or you could speak to an online energy healer for guidance and direction on how to begin your journey.

Trying simple meditations is a step in the right direction. Most energy healing work will require that you be able to meditate and focus energy. The understanding that we are all made up of vibrational energy and energy is alive around us is vital. The best research of all may be to have a healing energy session for yourself.

When there is a disturbance in our bodies—whether it be an illness, stress, or something else—our immune systems get weakened. When we address the energy fields of our body and clear them, we are able to support a natural balance that strengthens our immune system. With holistic healing there is improved concentration, better sleeping patterns, and better healing capacity.

Additional Energy Healing Resources

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