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What Is an Aura?

On An Essential level, an aura is a magnetic field that surrounds each living being. It is also known as the human energy field, or HEF.

Instead of a single entity, an aura is made of seven different layers that interrelate and form a relatively cohesive body. The layers reflect the physical, emotional, rational, astral, and divine components of each person.

Each person has their own aura that reflects their personal energy and affects their ability to connect with others. Most people have an aura that envelops them within about a 3-foot radius, generally extending 18 inches to 2 feet from the outside of your body. People who have endured trauma and tragedy often have larger auras.

Most people do not see it with the naked eye. However, clairvoyants perceive it, and the aura can be picked up on camera via Kirlian photography.

Each color in the aura has meaning. Some clairvoyants also detect energy patterns, blockages, and scenes in the energy field. There’s a lot of information available for someone gifted with that type of sight.

The missing, and quite important, piece of information about seeing and interpreting auras is so simple that it seems obvious once pointed out. Here’s the thing: because we all have an aura that immediately surrounds our bodies, before we perceive someone else’s energy field, we perceive our own! We must look through our own energy first, in order to see someone else’s.

Available Energy Healing Experts

These Advisors are experts in aura reading and interpretation. They can also help you develop your own skills in sensing auras and helping others.

Being Self-Aware Enough To See Auras

In order for anyone to accurately perceive and interpret auras, he or she must be self-aware enough to recognize where the self ends and another begins. Otherwise, the perception and interpretation is only a projection of the self, instead of a perception of the other person. More adept individuals, such as spirit mediums, who have developed the skill of bilocation (leaving the body but staying in close proximity in order to be able to continue perceiving the immediate environment), are more clearly able to provide aura interpretations. These impressions can be useful in scanning the body for blockages and imbalances, detecting and reflecting personality strengths, and describing scenes of events that have recently occurred or are about to occur.

Professional clairvoyants enjoy using this perception to enhance psychic readings and energy healings, even at a distance. It is a special gift and skill to hone, that adds depth to your experience of your psychic reading, whether via phone or chat.

Edgar Cayce, the great American mystic said, “An aura is an effect, not a cause. Every atom, every molecule tells the story of itself, its pattern, its purpose, through the vibrations which emanate from it. Colors are the perceptions of these vibrations by the human eye. As the souls of individuals travel through the realms they shift and change their patterns as they use or abuse opportunities presented to them. Thus at any time a soul will give off through vibrations the story of itself and the condition in which it now exists.” Cayce went on to say, “So, when I see an aura, I see the man as he is. By experience I have learned to tell a good deal from the intensity of colors...

How to See Auras

Though you might not be able to see a person's aura at first, you can almost certainly sense it. You can attribute the magnetic or repulsive feeling you get when you first meet a person to his or her aura. With time, however, you can learn to see auras, which can help you better understand yourself and the people around you.

  • Learning to Identify Your Aura

    An energy field surrounds every living thing, but not everyone knows how to see or decipher an aura. Auras are unique to an individual, so yours won’t be identical to your friends or loved ones. Since your aura frequently intermingles with those around you, though, it greatly affects both your relationships and your daily interactions with strangers. Though your aura doesn’t need to match someone else’s in order for the two of you to get along, it does mean that auras with similar frequencies lead to better relationships, as a love psychic can tell you.
  • Identifying Auras with Sight

    First, try visualizing your aura using your sense of sight. Position yourself in front of a mirror with a white or neutral background behind you, to eliminate distractions. Focus on your forehead for about a minute, and let your eyes relax. You’ll begin to see the impression of a halo around your head, starting as a soft white light. Keep your focus in the same area, and you’ll soon see a color. After focusing for an extended period of time, though, beware of afterimages, which appear as a negative of the actual color of your aura.
  • Identifying Auras with Intuition

    Though you can certainly use your basic senses to see an aura, you may have better luck sensing it through intuition. To do this, you’ll want to get a better feel of your own energy. Make yourself comfortable, and hold your palms flat, about six inches from your head. Slowly move your palms down the length of your body, always keeping about six inches away. Allow yourself to feel your own energy and take care to sense the color.
  • What Your Aura Says About You

    Auras can speak volumes, with their multiple layers of spiritual, emotional, and physical elements. Though they hold all colors of the rainbow, auras change according to the bearer’s mood and emotional state. If you’re feeling positive and happy, your aura will extend far beyond your physical body, but if you’re feeling negative or sad, your aura will contract and remain much closer to your person.

Aura Color Meanings

Auras typically manifest themselves in one of many colors of the rainbow. Many people can see auras surrounding others when they look at them. Depending on the colors that dominate, auras can show important things about the people they surround and their frame of mind. Learning the meanings behind the different colors of auras can give insight into personality traits.

  • Blue
    A person who exudes a blue aura is a born survivor, as they stay calm and relaxed during times of stress. Blue auras show an eased nervous system, a sustaining life, a balanced existence, and a transmitting of energy and forces. These people are cool, collected, and calm.
  • Turquoise
    Turquoise auras signify a highly energized personality who is capable of influencing other people and possesses a dynamic quality of being. People with strong turquoise points can organize well and do many things at the same time, often feeling bored when forced to concentrate on only one thing. As a result, people love bosses who have this aura.
  • Green
    A green aura indicates restful energy and a natural ability to heal. People like this are also often great gardeners. When someone is with a person with a strong green aura, it's an experience filled with peace. Since the green aura is the color of nature, it's very comfortable.
  • Purple
    Though never a strong point, a purple aura emphasizes spiritual thoughts. It appears as a temporary flame or cloud. It is the most sensitive and wise of the colors and shows psychic abilities.
  • Red
    People with strong red auras are generally oriented towards the material. This aura hints at materialistic thoughts as well as thoughts about the physical body. Relating to the physical body, heart, or circulation, red is a dense color, full of friction. But it can also indicate passion and energy, which is why, depending on the context, this friction can either attract or repel.
  • Pink
    Following this is a pink aura, which is a mix of red, the lowest frequency, and purple, the highest frequency. It is quite rare, appearing only as a temporary thought. Pink shows a person who has managed a perfect balance between material existence and spiritual awareness.
  • Yellow
    The color of awakening, inspiration, and intelligence, yellow auras show joy and freedom. People with this aura have inner joy and generosity. A yellow halo is a sign of high spiritual development and is something you should seek in a person giving spiritual teachings.
  • Dirty Colors
    Dirty colors, such as brown, gray, and sulfur are indications of negativity. They appear darker than the background as a glow or smoke. These colors can hint at things such as anger, dark thoughts, and depression, and even disease and death.
  • White
    Signifying a lack of body and mind harmony, it grows in strength before death.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

As energy fields that surround living beings and inanimate objects alike, auras can say so much about the bearer. What if negative energies, blockages, and asynchronous issues have left your aura feeling off balance? The aura, just like all physical forms, can be neglected. This leads to all sorts of problems, not to mention mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Number of issues can cause your aura to become blocked or distorted. Negative thoughts directed toward you, emotions that you haven’t fully processed, and past life experiences are just some of the concerns that can block your aura. With a past life reading, you may be able to get to the root of some of your thoughts. Spiritual problems and emotional issues can also throw your aura out of synchronization. All of these imbalances can leave you feeling tired, negative, and disconnected. When this happens, it’s necessary to cleanse your aura.

  • Visualize your aura.

    Start the cleansing process by visualizing your aura. You can do this by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position for about 15 minutes. Concentrate on breathing continuously, with no space between each inhale and exhale. Do your best to feel your breath and how it extends to your fingers and toes. Envision a white light originating over your head and slowly enveloping your whole body. Know that you’re safe with this universal white light surrounding you.
  • Cleanse your aura.

    Next, envision this light spreading its energy far and wide, touching everything around you. Remember that everything the light touches is a safe area, and you’re surrounded by nothing but protection and love. Here are some additional tips for cleansing your aura:
    • Get and stay healthy.

      The first step toward brightening a dark aura is putting ill-health behind you and striving for strength and fitness. If you’ve fallen into an unhealthy rut, begin to make some big changes. Eating well at each meal, exercising daily, and getting enough sleep each night are the first steps toward feeling better about yourself. Make sure they’re not just short-term goals but long-term ones, too, so your aura will stay bright for many days to come.
    • Move past negative thoughts.

      Dwelling on negative thoughts can really drag you down, causing your aura to appear cloudy and dark. Instead of allowing yourself to focus on the negative, surround yourself with positivity and optimistic people. Turn up music that energizes with you, schedule a date with your most positive friends, think about how you, too, can emanate positivity, and let the negativity slip away. If you’re having trouble letting certain thoughts lie, phone a psychic for advice on how to move on.
    • Try crystal healing.

      Place crystals around your window sills and around your bed or place you sleep. Once placed, negative energy cannot enter these areas. Crystals are derived from the earth element and are very grounding.
    • Practice smudging as a form of energy clearing.

      For centuries, Smudging has been used to remove unwanted and stale energies in homes, offices and around physical bodies. To use: Light a small bundle of sweet white sage and rotate the sage in circles around your body or desired area. The unwanted energies will instantly dissolve. Be sure to open your doors and windows for the complete circulation of the sage. Smudging is from the fire element and instantly purges and clears your aura.
    • Take a sea salt bath.

      Pour three cups into your bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Not only will unwanted energies disappear, you will feel calm, centered and reborn. Yes, reborn from just one Sea salt bath! Sea salts are derived from the earth and water elements and, again, leave you feeling stable and productive.
    • Go for a walk.

      When your days get over scheduled with work and family commitments, it’s easy to let your regular time outdoors slide. Remember that constantly being cooped up indoors is bound to have a negative effect on your body, mind, and aura. Whether it’s winter or summer, take the time to go outside. If possible, go beyond just your backyard or your neighborhood. Seek out an unspoiled slice of nature where you can breathe fresh, clean air and soak in the life around you. Grounding yourself by reconnecting with nature will give your aura a new shine. Take a walk in the forest, in the desert, or on the beach and allow your feet to feel the soothing impact of the earth beneath your feet. When you connect with the earth's sand or soil, all unwanted energies fly right through the moisture particles of the air and straight into the Sun's electric rays leaving your aura refreshed and invigorated. The walk incorporates all four elements of earth, wind, water and fire - the perfect alchemy to restore your aura to a balanced state of health and harmony.
    • Find beauty around you.

      Sometimes you just don’t have the time to trek outside. When you’re really pressed for time, you might deal with stress by putting on blinders and focusing only on what’s in front of you. While this might be a good short-term coping method, it can hurt you in the long run. Take a few moments to breathe and find the beauty around you, whether it manifests itself in your wonderful family, an expression of love, or a vase of freshly cut flowers. Your aura will take on a lighter and brighter hue when you’re feeling happy and energized.
    • Make time for introspection and meditation.

      Dig deep into your subconscious, and ask yourself what you really want in life. How can you make your desires come to fruition? What do you have to offer to others, and what do you need? How can you make yourself feel as good as possible?
    • Commit a random act of kindness.

      If you have difficulty doing something nice for yourself, try doing something nice for someone else instead. From complimenting a friend to leaving baked goods for a neighbor to making a long overdue visit to a family member, committing a random act of kindness can put a real spring in your step. When you’re feeling good about your interactions with those around you, your aura will show it.

Brightening your aura boosts your mood and improves relationships with those around you. If you constantly suffer from a muddy, dark aura, get a psychic reading to better understand how your health and happiness interact.

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