Dreams: Messages from the Universe

Published Date 9/17/2020
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Take time and reflect on signs from the universe that are in your dreams.

Our dream world is just as real and mysterious as our waking life. There are many types of experiences we can have while sleeping, whether it is seeing loved ones who have passed on or having a nightmare of being chased. Our body might be resting, but there is a lot more going on. It takes some reflection to understand what signs from the Universe are encoded in our dreams.

Understanding Symbolic Reality in Dreams 

Understanding your dreams has many benefits. You'll probably find solutions to problems that have been bothering you and learn of things that are buried in your subconscious and may improve your quality of life while you're awake. According to Psychic Anthony, the key to understanding how the spiritual world works is to understand symbolic reality, found most easily in your dreams. The symbols in your dreams result from a shuffling in the brain where thoughts and emotions get jumbled up and reassembled in symbolic language. This mental symbolic shuffling of the dreaming process is amazingly similar to shuffling the symbolic tarot cards and creating a psychic portrait with them. When you are asleep, your blocks are down, and psychic information can come through easily.

Decoding the Different Types of Dreams

Dreams can give you access to different levels of your consciousness, allow you to receive messages from the Universe, and even help process information. 

Lucid Dreams 

Lucid dreams are when you are dreaming and aware that you are dreaming therefore able to change the outcome or wake yourself up if you are frightened. If you have dreams that are troubling, ask for awareness before you go to sleep, and you can train yourself to have more lucid dreams.

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams foretell the future. If you ever have a prophetic dream you may be connecting to a larger current of energy in your sleep that allows you to see or feel something happening remotely. 

Sometimes you dream of people or events, only to see the person or the event in waking life weeks later. Psychic Cheyenne says that these precognitive dreams which show you a future occurrence are proof that there is something ‘divine’ within you.  

Release Dreams

Dreams connected to daily life or whatever was on our mind before we went to bed are called release dreams because they help us to let go and process the day’s events. They are the most common type of dream. Repetitive dreams are trying to tell us something about ourselves or a situation.

Astral Travel

Visiting the other side, which is referred to as astral travel, can occur during sleep. 

When the mind is quiet and less prone to active thought it gives our departed loved ones an opportunity to visit. It may not happen right away, but if you ask for a visit before going to sleep and set your intention to seeing them. It will happen when the time is right.

When loved ones who’ve passed on show up and talk to you in the dreamscape, it’s very real. Your connection to them exists within your world and is reached through your nightscape journeys. 

The Meaning of Common Dreams and Nightmares

Many people have dreams they wish they could understand. Through dreams, your subconscious can bring to light fears you’re having in everyday life, or feelings that you’re ignoring. Whether it's a happy reverie or a nightmare, a dream can wear on your mind and make you wonder if there is truly something behind these images that keep appearing in your head. 

Dreams of Getting Chased 

A dream of being chased can be an indicator that you are attempting to avoid a problem or person while you are awake. The person, animal or monster that is chasing you might represent an underlying emotion that is causing you stress, whether it be anger, jealousy or fear. A psychic advisor can shed light on the causes of this dream and help you address the issue while you are awake. 

Dreams of Flying 

Dreams of being able to fly, of soaring high above land and sea, uncover your want to escape your challenging emotional states and “soar” above it all. Dreams of flying are an indication of a wish for freedom and internally liberating yourself from a restrictive force in your life, such as letting go of a painful childhood.  

How you fly in your dreams can uncover more information about your reality. Soaring freely means achieving goals easily, without much effort. Look closely at what you are soaring over as this could give a clue about what efforts your dream is alluding to. Are you flying over your house? Domestic bliss is imminent. Are you flying over your office? Success will be achieved at work. As you can see, noticing all the details in a dream is important. If you are flying close to the ground or flailing your arms and legs in a determined effort to maintain your stability, this implies that success will come after concentrated effort. Persevere. 

If you dream of flying high and free, then falling back to earth, unable to maintain a steady course, this erratic flying implies that you are unsure of your ambitions or have a real fear of success. 

Sometimes during lucid dreaming, flying depicts astral traveling where your soul moves between different realms. 

Dreams of Water 

Water is another common dream symbol for many people. Since water is a life-giving source, it can signify the flow of energy itself. Generally, water illustrates subconscious emotions. If you dream about a choppy sea, the Universe may be telling you that you are feeling aggravated about a particular situation. Placid water means your emotions are calm. Dreams of water can also be a need for you to go with the flow of your life and find your rhythm to alleviate stress. You could be fighting an inner battle with yourself rather than just going with it to see where it leads. 
Diving into water can imply that you are “diving” into your subconscious, trying to figure out the parts of yourself that you have suppressed way down inside, where dreams of washing may be a sign that you are attempting to rid yourself of negative feelings. Floods typically represent emotional chaos. 

Dreams with Circles 

The circle, a predominant shape is nature, is very meaningful in a dream. If you dream of going in circles, or if there are numerous circle shapes in your dreams, this symbolizes the Universe, or soul. This type of dream has much significance, and usually occurs at life-changing passages in your own existence, or at a time of great upheaval such as war, or the death of a loved one. 

Dreams of Trees 

In dreams, the tree represents your life: its roots being firmly entrenched in practical everyday living, while its limbs stretch toward the sky, uniting with the very essence of life itself. Branches signify the chapters of your life, while the leaves show the way you communicate with the world. Did you dream of large branches and full leaves? Your personality is open and loving. Smaller leaves depict more of a restrained way of being. Did you chop a tree down in your dream? That can imply that you need to reorder your life, perhaps start from scratch. Trees can also symbolize the family unit. 

Dreams of Abandonment 

Abandonment dreams are particularly scary, especially if you're truly dependent on the person you dream is abandoning you. These dreams can be set in motion by a recent loss or fear of losing someone dear. This can come about when a loved one is seriously ill. However, these dreams can have nothing to do with a particular person, but everything to do with yourself. If abandonment is showing up in your dreams, the Universe may be showing you a sign that it's time to leave your past behind you and move toward a new, more liberated future.

Dreams About Your Boss 

Dreaming about your boss is often a sign that you're getting in touch with your own authoritative side. It's an indication of self-confidence and assertiveness. However, if you have a bad relationship with your boss, these dreams might highlight your fear of authority and the uneasy feeling of someone else controlling your life. Workaholics often have these dreams, meaning work has taken over too large a portion of their lives.

Dreams of Falling 

Dreams of falling relate back to your inner child. In most falling dreams you never hit the bottom and that’s because as a baby, when you’re placed in your crib, you know you’re safe. These dreams are about security and being secure with your life and yourself.

Dreams About Decaying or Missing Teeth 

Dreams of losing teeth are very hard to interpret; it depends on what is happening within your life. Since your teeth are directly related to your health and energetic channels, it’s always good to begin taking better care of yourself when these dreams pop up (just to be on the safe side)

Naked Dreams 

In these dreams, the Universe may be telling you that you feel vulnerable in a certain situation. You’re completely open, and maybe even a little too open depending on the dream.

These are just a few of the universal themes you may find in dreams. Others include automobiles for changing directions in life; children for joyous occasions and new beginnings; and food for knowledge. If you're unsure what some of your other dreams are trying to tell you, consider consulting an online psychic or counselor who can help you work through issues behind these dreams.

Dreams That Signify Rebirth 

The Universe also sends you signs of rebirth in your dreams. There are many symbols of the natural world that signify a part of your life will be reborn. 

In the real world, seeds are a symbol of rebirth as they are the first stage of new life and growth each year. So, too, do seeds represent rebirth in dreams. A seed or seeds signify your capacity to seed both your present and future. You need to find the ability to plant these seeds, and then take a few moments every day tending to their growth. 

Though seeds may feel like an obvious sign of rebirth, snakes aren't the first thing that come to mind. However, snakes present in your dreams represent shedding old skin. Snakes regularly shed their skins and continue to survive. Renewal means you can keep moving forward on your path, and so snakes appear as dream guides for you. In your dream, take on the power of the snake to ask what knowledge of rebirth the snake has to share. 

Another animal that represents rebirth in dreams is the bird. Often it will be a bird that drops the seed near you to remind you of your hopes, desires, and aspirations. When you come across birds in your dream, follow and fly with them as your future is about to start. 

Babies are a typical theme of dreams that call for rebirth. Common baby dreams include forgetting to feed a baby, forgetting that you have a baby, and suddenly needing to take care of another's baby. Often, baby dreams are about bringing back an idea that you've forgotten. 

Babies are a common theme in dreams for women who feel they put their own lives on hold to raise their children. The suppressed creativity is many times unrelated to raising kids, so these baby dreams can serve as a wake-up call to remember the earliest stages of a once-loved idea put on hold.  

Eggs are symbols of new life in countless culture. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that dreams of eggs can signify your own rebirth. Something new will hatch for you very soon. A dream analyzer will help find what awaits you. A dream of eggs can have you revisiting the cosmos' origins too. 
Whether you're dreaming of seeds or eggs, snakes, birds, or babies, many of your dreams represent themes of rebirth. Look out for these themes and symbols occurring in your dreams to know when change and renewal is on the way.

Interpreting Dreams with a Dream Journal  

Dreams are fascinating things. Sometimes they are magical and mysterious, and sometimes they are troubling or just plain weird. Whatever your dream is, though, it can be filled with powerful messages. Sometimes, just knowing what your dreams mean gives you the power to make meaningful changes in your life. 

It is highly recommended that you keep a dream journal so you can go back and re-experience your dreams and discover new insights and interpretations.  Keeping a dream journal can help boost dream recall and solve the puzzle of the messages your intuitive self is relaying to you. Whenever you have a vivid dream, write it down immediately before the daily thoughts intrude on those fragile dream memories and chase them out of your conscious mind. If you begin to write your dreams down when you first wake up, you can train your mind to remember them in detail. Put a book and pen by your bed and try to do this each morning. It's helpful to write in the present tense, because it puts you in the moment and keeps the dream fresh in your mind.

One way to determine what a dream was all about, is to take note of the emotions you felt during the dream and how you felt when you woke up. Are there things in your life that have, or are happening that stir up those same dream moods? If so, the dream may be trying to help you work through those issues or help you find a solution. Note the date of the dream and the major issues and stressors that were going on in your life at that time.

In your dream journal you can also keep track of the people who show up in your dreams. In some dreams there are faceless or unknown people, but in others you interact with people you know. The Universe is trying to point out something about the current person or about how you interact with that person in your current waking life through your dream. However, the person who appears in a dream could be a metaphor for someone else in your life. For example, if you are dating someone who reminds you in some way of an ex, you may suddenly dream about your ex. Since in your subconscious mind your boy/girlfriend and ex are similar, they are interchangeable in your dreams. 

Noting the symbols in your dreams can help you improve your life and unlock your spiritual journeys. Everyone sees symbols in a different light, so it’s best to go with your own intuition in what those symbols mean to you. Instead of reading dream symbols separately, Psychic Zoey advises reading them together like reading the tarot cards. If you take each symbol as a standalone story, you may miss the big picture. By journaling, you may even discover that seemingly unconnected dreams and symbols are actually part of a whole series or a continuous story that shifts and changes according to the happenings in your waking life.  

In your dream journal, keep track of repeated events or symbols. Repetition is often used as a signpost. It’s the Universe’s way of saying pay attention and points you to a message that cannot be ignored. 

Explore your dreamscape and write down what you can remember. There is much to learn from it!

Cosmic Consciousness

Through dreams, the Universe sends you clues about your growth patterns and personal truths. Psychic Anthony says dreams are filled with meaningful coincidences that are omens to help guide you to a deeper understanding of your special place in the vast eternity of living. Once you begin to perceive these hints encoded in your dreams, you realize the Universe really does care about you.

Looking for more information about specific dreams and how to interpret their meaning? Awaken your mind with our free Infographic - Decoding Your Dreams, exclusively from Psychic Source!

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