The key to unlocking your talent's true potential

Published Date 7/2/2012
Category: Career And Finances

The key to unlocking your talent's true potential

Before having children, I spent most of my spare time painting. But between driving the kids to soccer practice and running errands, there were a few unfortunate years when I hardly touched a paint brush. After noticing that I've been rather stressed lately, my husband recently encouraged me to officially set aside time for my artwork.

During my first call with a phone psychic last week, she told me that she could sense that I had artistic talent. I was floored - I never told her that painting was a hobby of mine, and couldn't help but think that my renewed practice enabled her to tap into my passion.

As soon as I finished my reading, I went out and bought more art supplies. I can't wait to show the world what I can do with a canvas, paint and brush!

Has a psychic ever been able to reveal your most cherished passion and talent, without any prior knowledge? I was amazed by how spot on my reading was. Share your story in the comments section or on Facebook.
Suzie is a guest blogger for Psychic Source. She's a 45-year-old mother of three children, who enjoys yoga, painting and taking walks with her dog.

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