Saving up and buying a second home for retirement

Published Date 6/30/2012
Category: Career And Finances

Saving up and buying a second home for retirement

If your children are grown and about to move out of the house, you'll soon have an empty nest. Even though retirement might still be a few years off in the distance, this is the perfect opportunity to think about buying a second home to use when the time comes.

Whether you want another residence for vacation purposes or to split time during the year, there are a couple of factors to consider before making this big financial decision.

Although the housing market is slowly stabilizing, it is still a long ways off from being secure. For the past several years, the real estate bubble has effectively turned what was once an arena for safe investments into a risky gamble.

Everything you thought you knew about determining the best location to buy has essentially gone out the window. To improve your chances of finding property that will become a worthwhile asset in the future, analyze recent home sales in the neighboring area.

Speak to a psychic you trust to gain the reassurance you're looking for as you carefully evaluate a substantial investment. Psychic readings over the phone are convenient and an optimal way to receive worthwhile advice.

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