Job Stress: Finding Life's Direction

Published Date 6/19/2012
Category: Career And Finances

Job stress can be caused from not following your true path.

Sometimes when life lessons happen along our journey, it's difficult to understand why.  One gets so wrapped up in the stress surrounding the situation that the focus on awareness is lost. Almost every situation has a lesson with it that can bring with it healing and spiritual growth.  Try to step outside of the immediate reaction to the situation and observe what would help the situation. Is it the path that you have chosen that needs to take a different direction? Is it a temporary storm that you just need to handle differently in order to survive with an inner peace and confidence?

When the question is career or finances, the first question I ask the universe is – is this person truly following their heart's mission?  Often times, if you follow your heart's natural talent, the money in time will follow. Job stress happens everywhere, but when the bottom line is contributing to a work that you love, it seems more worthwhile. When it feels unbearable to continue often it's because that person has for one reason or another, stepped away from doing what they are best at, what they most wish to do.  I'm not saying there can't be jobs in the meantime to support you towards your goal, but if you lose sight of the goal itself, you will not be satisfied with the result. Always remember to follow your dreams.

The other key to what I see as the root of financial success, may sound simpler, but it in actuality it can be the biggest challenge to overcome.  Our biggest enemy can be our own lack of manifestation. Once you are determined to follow your dream you must believe that dream is possible. Free will is a wonderful thing -- you can control the path that you take, but it is much easier to achieve that path when you know the thing you are asking the universe for is absolutely possible. If you have a talent but you do not manifest the possibility of growing the dream into reality-- then the universe may hold it for you always as simply an unreachable dream. Firmly understanding that something WILL happen for you is as important, if not more so, than having a direction to believe IN.  Once you have a clear idea of what you want, and then ask the universe specifically for that intention, state that goal daily in your mind, remove all doubt, and live as if it IS your reality. Do something daily towards that goal and speak of it as if it has already happened.
It isn't a “maybe,” it isn't a “someday”- it simply “IS.”

May you have lots of love and light on your life's journey. I wish you well in finding the path that is meant especially for you!

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