Dealing with Jealousy in the workplace.

Published Date 6/26/2012
Category: Career And Finances

Jealousy in the work place is a common problem.

Competitive jealousy. It is such a strong negative, yet common emotion that so many have to battle in the workplace today. Instead of working together and being openly supportive of individual talents, people often mistakenly turn to a counterproductive tug of war to get ahead of those they admire.  Why do so many feel the need to manipulate and hurt others in order to succeed? Abundance is for everyone, all you have to do is ask for it. Imagine what could be accomplished if we all could focus our energies together on the task at hand rather than dwelling on negative manipulations.

Yet unfortunately, that form of negativity often does exist in today's workplace.  Thus, one has to endure past the politics of others in order to survive in the employment realm.  One thing that can help is to read between the lines. Look past the hostility of others to view their insecure admiration.  When disagreements happen in the workplace, it is often because your talents have been noticed and jealousy abounds. This means you excelled enough at what you do that others felt threatened by your success.  If you have encountered resistance from insecure coworkers, then it may be a result of you having been especially good at what you do, not the opposite.  Do not let condescending remarks hurt your pride or self-image.

Professional jealousy reveals professional insecurity and feelings of ineptitude on your coworker's part. Sometimes you can alleviate that fear with positive reinforcement of their talents, but more often than not this person's toxic thinking lies beyond your control. It can often have more to do with their self-image than your treatment of them.

Growing past fear to handle life with confidence and love is an inner journey.  Self-confidence shines from within. You cannot obtain the inner light of self-love from outer sources.  In this case the best thing to do is to protect yourself from this negativity, and remember not to let what is surrounding you dim the sparkling light that is within you.

Before you start your workday, visualize a white light of protection around you. Think about this white light as a shield of positive energy, where no negative energy can enter, and ask the universe to keep this positive shield around you throughout your day.   When you feel hurt by snide comments of others, release that feeling, do not own it. Tell yourself “I am protected from negative energy.  This person has no influence over me.”  Then go about your day, confident in your inner beauty, conquering the insecurities around you warm in the knowledge that the universe  sees and values the amazing person that you are!

May you find lots of love and light on your heart's journey.

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