Dating Advice for the Professional Woman

Published Date 6/15/2012
Category: Career And Finances

Being a professional woman can be intimidating to men.

Many highly successful women call saying they’d just been on what they thought was a fantastic first date – but the guy doesn’t call back. What’s that about?

Well, when it comes to the professional woman, she knows what she wants and usually gets it. However, the world of dating is not the same as business and often times accomplished women treat a first date like a job interview and/or dinner with a business partner instead of a potential romantic partner.
Jane is a business advisor and analyst. She’s very attractive, very successful and makes a lot of money. On her first dates she’d usually start telling the guy about how successful she is and how she got to where she is in her business life. Many times she’d go into great detail about her daily job routine and sometimes even offer financial advice.

This is far from being the kind of romantic conversation most people hope for in a first date.  And while most guys were too polite to ask Jane to stop talking about herself and her job, they simply didn’t want to see her again.

They never called back.

Jane assumed the reason “the jerks” were not calling her back for a second date was because they were too intimidated by her looks, her success and her intellect.

Actually, that’s not the case. They guys were not intimidated by her at all. They were just simply bored out of their minds and annoyed because they didn’t feel like they were on a date. They felt like they were at work or at a business conference.

There are many ways for a woman to come across as an attractive and interesting person on a first date. Talking about how good she is at what she does at work, while explaining her job duties in great detail, is not one of them. 

Luckily for Jane, she finally learned to leave the “work stuff” at work and is now dating a wonderful guy, who finds her charming, amusing and fun to be with. Jane learned she didn’t have to sell herself – she just had to be herself.

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