Avoiding common interview mistakes while job hunting

Published Date 6/28/2012
Category: Career And Finances

Avoiding common interview mistakes while job hunting

If you have been unemployed for a number of months and you're looking for ways to improve your chances of finding a job, you might want to brush up your interview skills. While you might think you know everything there is about sitting down with a hiring manager, you may be making common mistakes that are costing you potential jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that one way you can impress hiring managers is by doing thorough research on their company prior to the interview. While they will likely tell you about their business later in your meeting, it's best that you're prepared to answer any questions they have beforehand.

Make sure you're ready to tackle tough interview questions with insightful answers as well. For instance, you may be asked why you left your last job or how you would handle certain stressful situations while working at this company. An employer may also want to you to describe an instance in which you used your skills to solve a problem at the office.

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