When You Can't Stand Your Boss

Published Date 2/26/2019
Category: Career & Finances

An angry boss can make any workplace unpleasant.

Nothing ruins a great job faster than a boss with whom you just don't mesh. From management style to personality, countless factors can cause friction between you and your manager. Whether you've just started a new job or you've been in the same role for years, find out what to do when you can't stand your boss.

Try to Listen

Whether your boss berates you for being a few seconds late, tears apart a project you thought you executed flawlessly, or wants to oversee every detail of your work, it isn't always about you. In many cases, you're experiencing an unfortunate trait your boss unleashes on everyone in your workplace.

Terrible bosses can exhibit all kinds of bad behavior, from poor leadership skills and inconsistent management techniques to micromanagement and even bullying. Listen carefully to try and understand what your boss is really saying before taking anything personally.

Rethink Your Role

In some cases, you might contribute to the friction, whether or not you intend to do so. Think carefully about your role in the relationship and assess whether you can change your behavior to alleviate things.

Even if you detest having your boss review each step of your work, try taking a proactive approach to his micromanaging habits and ask him for feedback frequently. If your boss has a habit of bullying you, make a point of resisting their negativity and answer with a compliment or a positive response instead.

Talk With Colleagues

While you might not feel comfortable discussing your personality clash directly with your boss, you can certainly talk with colleagues you trust. Rather than venting or voicing an opinion that may make its way back to your boss, try asking for advice on dealing with the situation in a professional way.

Talking through tough issues with your colleagues can help you build stronger relationships and can also give you a new outlook on your workplace. After all, if you have a team you love, working with a boss you can't stand might not seem so bad.

Channel Your Energy

Before you allow any lingering negativity to build and boil over, develop a strategy for channeling your energy. Try working it out in a spin class after work, or practice yoga and do meditation to calm down. Phone a psychic to vent about your day and get a better perspective on your career and your life.

Develop an Exit Plan

Whether you think you can stick it out or you're close to storming out and never returning, always have an exit plan you can put into action if necessary. Besides, thinking about the next role you want to land or an advanced certification you want to earn can prompt you to think about the future of your career and may renew your desire to do what's best for you in the long run.

Dealing with a bad boss is never pleasant, but it's hardly unusual. Don't hesitate to chat with a psychic for more insight into your situation and advice on dealing with work-related stress.


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