What a Tarot Reading Can and Can Not Tell You About Money by Psychic Minerva

Date 8/31/2022
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Turn to the Tarot to help discover ways to attract money.

Turn to the Tarot to help discover ways to attract money.

A tarot reading is a terrific tool for gaining insight and perception on various issues in our lives. It is a divination instrument that can direct us in positive and proactive directions. The key to using finding out ways to improve things in our life lies in our ability to take information, learn and overcome obstacles. In the area of money, the tarot can help you look at your weak areas, specifically how money is blocked and how to facilitate the process of attracting more.

To gain more money into your life, you need to understand what habits or beliefs block you. The tarot can help identify your specific roadblocks. However, it is up to you to do the actions required for manifestation.

Here are 5 specific ways you can obtain good money drawing information from a tarot reading:

    • What are your blocks regarding money? The tarot will help you look at the specific areas that keep you from getting your fair share of money. The cards can tell where you spend most of your energy and how that impacts your ability to acquire a substantial amount of money in your life.

    • The actions needed to acquire money. A tarot reading can help direct you positively to help you achieve some financial freedom. It will not add money to your wallet, but it will tell you what goals you should be working on to create better opportunities for yourself economically now and in the future.

    • How can you keep money in your life? Though many attract money, you want to know how to keep it a little longer. Getting money may come easy for some but keeping it around is another area to explore with the tarot.

    • What specifically drains your wallet? The tarot can help you identify your money pits and exactly how certain areas impact your abilities to make and hold onto money.

    • Money meditation. You can use a tarot deck to meditate and gain insightful information on exactly how to manifest more money. A random tarot card can represent the specific areas that need addressing to help you remove specific money blockers.

Of course, in getting a tarot reading regarding money matters, you may discover that relationships and career play a significant role in how much money you make and get to keep. If you are the type that spends more than you save, the cards can identify that. The cards can also identify old patterns and beliefs about money that may block your ability to attract and save money. While getting a reading, be prepared to face various hidden issues when it comes to money matters.

There are many issues that impact us when it comes to attracting money, such as limited opportunities, our spending habits, responsibilities, and poor management skills. The tarot can help identify a lot; however, you still need to do the work, which means, regardless of the information, be ready to make changes if you wish to improve your money attraction skills.

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Minerva is a skilled Psychic, Tarot reader, Intuitive Coach, Interfaith Minister, and Reiki Master with a Degree in Psychology. She has more than 35 years of working as an intuitive coach and a psychic reader. Minerva, a Native New Yorker who enjoyed a career as a therapist and metaphysical teacher for over 30, has retired and is now devoted to doing psychic readings and writing. Minerva’s intuitive skills and experience as a therapist provide her with a solid background for exploring various heart and soul topics with compassion and deep understanding.


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