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Published Date 8/1/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Some jobs are physically stressful, where others can be mentally exhausting.

This week has been a huge eye opener for me and I wanted to share it.  I truly believe that everyone has stress in the work place. Some jobs are physically stressful, where others can be mentally exhausting. However all jobs require a certain amount of work in a small time frame. Whether it’s fast paced or slow, there is always pressure to succeed. If we don’t succeed, then money isn’t flowing and without money we can’t survive. It’s a constant battle within us. No wonder the work place is so stressful! Here are a few things that worked for me:

Pay attention to yourself, your actions, and how you feel.
Most of us carry our stress in our shoulders. It comes from childhood. If our parents fuss at us, as kids, we immediately raise our shoulders to our ears and lower our head. It’s immediate tension to our bodies in which we carry throughout life. If we are fussed at during our work, or the pressure is on you, pay attention to your reaction. If you raise your shoulders and lower your head, this is the first sign of tension.


Once you are able to pick up on how much tension you are carrying from your job, you can take the step to start making changes. The signs above have let you know, you have lost control. You are letting all these negative things pull you down in some way. So now that you know. It’s time to take control again, and handle things differently in a positive way.

Taking Control:

In order to take control, we have to give control to The Universe. It’s all about Mind, Body, and Spirit. Take the time to ground and clear your head. My favorite is to take a few minutes and step outside. Find a tree. See how it reaches to the sky (The Heavens) and how it’s rooted to the ground (The Earth). Look to the sky and feel yourself doing the same thing as the tree. Tell yourself you will not let this negativity affect you. The Universe is here for you and you will do your job well. Be grateful for the chance to have this job. Find what makes you happy. And if you can’t be happy with it, then it’s time to take the steps to find something different you will enjoy.

Other People: 
We are all connected to each other in some way, and sometimes we have certain people out for us in a negative way. There is some reasoning for this beyond our control. Let it go, and remember taking control above. It’s not worth it. However, if you feel your job will be affected by it. Take the time to gather your thoughts, stay calm, talk to someone, and handle it as professionally as possible. You will be respected in the end. 
I just used these steps for myself and I’m amazed at the difference it made for me! Good luck!

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