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Time for a Career Check-In: Are You Thriving or Just Surviving at Work?

Date 8/16/2023
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Do you daydream about weekend escapes from your job or eagerly anticipate Monday mornings? Your level of engagement can reveal whether your work ignites or extinguishes your spirit. Recognizing signs of career contentment and misalignment is the first step to making empowered choices that lead to greater fulfillment.

This article can help you discover:

  1. How do I know if my job is still the "right fit" for me?
  2. What should I do if I feel stuck in a dead-end job?
  3. What strategies can help me manage workplace stress and challenges?

Work that Brings Satisfaction

Envisioning Work That Brings Job Satisfaction

When dissatisfaction or restlessness in your current role sets in, it can be helpful to step back and consciously envision your dream job. Taking time to reflect on your ideal work situation - from the content of projects to connections with coworkers - clarifies the elements that truly spark your passion and drive job satisfaction. Does your dream job involve:

  • Tackling new challenges that play to your strengths?
  • Contributing to a mission that makes a difference?
  • Collaborating with colleagues who have your back?
  • Continuous opportunities to learn and grow?
  • Utilizing your skills in creative ways?
  • Finding career fulfillment with work-life balance?

When you love what you do, you leap out of bed, excited to start the workday. Keeping your vision for meaningful, engaging work in focus guides you toward roles that align with your career fulfillment.

Job Satisfaction

Signs of Job Satisfaction

You've likely found a good match when:

  • The Hours Fly By. You get fully immersed in projects and the time zooms. Flow states come easier when you enjoy the work.
  • You Feel Valued. Your team seeks your input, and you believe your contributions matter.
  • It Aligns with Your Goals. Your job progresses you toward your aspirations and lets you utilize your innate strengths.
  • You Have Room to Grow.  Opportunities to take on new challenges prevent stagnation.
  • Your Work Has Purpose.  You feel motivated by having a positive impact through your role.
  • You Leave Work at Work. Boundaries prevent burnout so you still have energy left for life.

But What If Your Job Falls Short? Over time even jobs that initially brought joy can lose their luster. Be on the lookout for these red flags:

  • You feel bored, burnt out, or dread upcoming workweeks.
  • The work conflicts with your ethics or lacks meaningful impact.
  • You feel stuck with little room for development and promotion.
  • Toxic management deflates your spirit.
  • You fantasize about a complete career change.

Don't ignore signs your career lacks fulfillment. Though changing course takes courage, you deserve stimulating work that nourishes your soul.

Overcoming Job Obstacles

Overcoming Common Obstacles: Promotion Passovers, Dead-End Jobs, and Managing Stress

Feeling stalled out in your career is a common frustration. Many professionals face obstacles like promotion denials, dead-end jobs that lack growth, and high-stress levels. Adding to the strain, companies often pressure employees to maintain high productivity despite reduced resources and support. The solo stress of these conditions is hard enough to manage. But most people also must navigate strained relationships with equally stressed-out coworkers. Heightened workplace stress can amplify office politics and tension between colleagues.

Facing challenges like promotion rejections, stagnant positions, or tense work relationships under such strain can erode confidence and leave you doubting your fit within the company. However, with self-reflection and the right strategies, you can regain your fulfillment and trajectory. This is when a psychic career reading is perfect to help you understand what is going on with the other people around you and help you dodge and weave any potential problems that may arise before you must deal with them.

How you navigate these challenges can impact your career satisfaction and success.

Missing Out on a Promotion

Few things are more discouraging than being passed over for a promotion you wanted and deserved. As psychic Narnia says, "Rejection hurts at a primal level." When you've invested time and effort into your job, a promotion snub can leave you feeling bewildered and deflated.

If you've been passed over for a promotion, don't despair. With reflection and action, you can get back on track. Here are some tips:

  • Request candid feedback from your manager. Understand why you were passed over and what skills need development.
  • Analyze if a promotion truly aligns with your goals. Maybe a lateral move would better suit your needs.
  • Be proactive about strengthening weak areas through training and volunteering for new projects.
  • Consider whether this company provides opportunities for advancement that match your aspirations.
  • Update your resume and expand your network in case it's time to move on.
  • Address any confidence issues the setback caused. Remind yourself of your capabilities. It can be helpful to speak to a career psychic or counselor about where you might be subconsciously holding yourself back in ways you might not recognize on your own.

With an effort to grow, you can get back into contention for promotions. But don't stay stuck in a dead-end job forever. Seek opportunities where hard work is rewarded.

No Opportunities to Advance at Work

No Opportunities to Advance?

When you first started your job, it checked all the right boxes. But now, you dread logging in each day. You have no autonomy, refinement of skills, or career ladder to climb. You've tried suggesting improvements to no avail. Unfortunately, some jobs lack opportunities by design. Here's how to decide if it's time to make a switch:

  • Assess if your boredom is temporary or chronic. Normal ups and downs happen. But a consistent lack of fulfillment signals a deeper issue.
  • Determine if new challenges exist. Can you expand your role or responsibilities? If not, it likely won't improve.
  • Reflect on alignment with your goals. Does this job utilize your talents and move you closer to your aspirations?
  • Weigh your finances. Can you afford to transition now or do you need to wait? Consider steps to start saving.
  • Imagine your ideal work. Does this role fit? Envisioning your dream job clarifies when it's time to depart from one that no longer fits.

Leaving a secure job is tough. But as psychic Narnia counsels, "What nourishes your soul? The view from the cage looks safe yet confining." Don't let stagnation lead to resignation. Take steps to find work where you can spread your wings.

Time for a Change? Create a Backup Plan First

After thoughtful reflection, you may realize your current role truly no longer fits. But before quitting, it’s wise to create a backup plan to ease the transition. Key elements to consider:

  • Start saving money now in case of a gap between jobs. Even a small cushion helps.
  • Research job openings and growth areas aligned with your skills and interests.
  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile to be ready when the right fit arises.
  • Expand your professional network proactively. Connections can provide leads.
  • If possible, see if shifting to part-time or flex-scheduling could create time for a job search.
  • Look into career coaching or skills training to expand your opportunities.
  • Consider lifestyle changes to reduce expenses if needed.

Having contingency plans reduces stress if you do decide to make a move. And managing stress is key to job satisfaction as well as making transitions.

Managing Workplace Stress to Increase Job Satisfaction

Heavy workloads, long hours, and uncertainty can create heightened stress, even if you love your job. While some pressure motivates, constant high stress harms productivity and well-being. Here are tips from Psychic Narnia for managing workplace stress:

  • Set boundaries. Leave work at work when possible. Disconnect after hours. Take breaks to recharge.
  • Prioritize self-care. Make time for healthy food, exercise, socializing, and relaxing activities.
  • Use meditation and deep breathing. These tools "help clear your mind, center your spirit, and provide renewal," says Narnia.
  • Identify and limit stressors when possible. Delegate tasks, refine systems, and talk to your manager.
  • Remember tough times are temporary. Focus on your capabilities and contingency plan.
  • Consider job change if needed. Don't stay in a toxic workplace. Seek roles aligned with your well-being.

With intention, stress can be managed. Set yourself up for success by taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Inner Wisdom at Work

Let Your Inner Wisdom Guide You to Work You Love

Whether you seek a new job or aim to thrive in your current position, the path forward requires ongoing self-reflection, courage to make changes as needed, and perseverance through obstacles. You have the power to create a career path aligned with greater purpose and fulfillment. Taking a spiritual approach to career decisions can deepen discernment in your decision-making. Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to get support, whether from a career coach, mentor, or trusted psychic advisor, who can provide clarity on your situation.

Approaching your career with an open mind, open heart, and step-by-step progress puts you on the path to opportunities where you can thrive. With vision and diligence, you can cultivate passion and meaning in your work. Even small steps to improve engagement and alignment in your current job can motivate you to spring out of bed each morning. With intention, you can find fulfillment.



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