Three tips for helping your spouse fit in at the office

Published Date 3/8/2013
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Three tips for helping your spouse fit in at the office

Has your spouse finally landed his dream job but he isn't as excited about it as he was after the first day? It may be because he's facing difficulties meshing with his coworkers. Here are some tips you can give him to help him fit in and get back to loving his job.

1. Don't suck up to the boss.
It can be tough to avoid this, especially during the first week on the job, but The Wall Street Journal advises against it. Doing so can create an unwanted reputation as a "traitor" among coworkers.

2. Stay positive.
Make sure your spouse maintains his upbeat, positive attitude to avoid bringing down those around him. Even when he's stressed, convince him to keep a smile on his face.

3. Listen to fellow employees. reports that listening to colleagues rather than chatting over them can help your spouse win respect. People appreciate knowing that they're being heard, even if they only have a frivolous opinion to share.

Encourage your spouse to talk to a psychic if his problems persist. An online psychic reading can help him see the situation from his coworkers' point of views.

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