Three secret tips for standing out in the workplace among your colleagues

Published Date 10/14/2012
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Three secret tips for standing out in the workplace among your colleagues

When it comes to standing out in the workplace, you might not be concerned with impressing your boss and colleagues on a regular basis, but have you thought about the benefits that could come with doing so? In the end, you might bring yourself closer to where you want to be in your career and help yourself earn a better salary. Here are a few tips on how to garner the attention you're looking for and improve your reputation around the office.

1. Boost your confidence.

If you're more confident in yourself, you'll give off a more positive impression in the workplace. While it might be difficult to do if you're a naturally shy person, work on it - start small talk with your colleagues frequently and be proud of the work you finish. Over time, your confidence will grow and it'll become more noticeable to those around you.

2. Go above and beyond the call of duty. recommends going above and beyond your daily responsibilities if you intend to make a memorable impression on your boss and colleagues. Volunteer to take up extra projects and lend a helping hand to coworkers who might need assistance with their own work. Although it might seem like putting forth an effort that won't pay off, you may be surprised at who's watching you and taking note of your kindness.

3. Take the lead.

If group projects are common at your job, it's important to take the lead whenever possible if you truly want to stand out among your coworkers. It can be difficult to make yourself known in a large group of people, but it's easier if you appoint yourself leader and offer your services to benefit others. In the end, it may mean a bit more work, but it can pay off in the form of positive recognition.

Perhaps your workplace simply isn't an environment where you can stand out with your specific skills. Speak to your phone psychic to determine if it's time for a career change. During your psychic reading, you can find out if you're better off in a different position that gives you more of an opportunity to truly shine. In the end, you'll have an idea of which direction to head in your career.


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