Three gift ideas for your Secret Santa office party

Published Date 12/7/2012
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Three gift ideas for your Secret Santa office party

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, your company is likely planning a get-together to exchange gifts and toast to the new year. Yankee swaps and Secret Santa parties aren't uncommon in workplaces, but how do you find the perfect present for a colleague you barely know? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Wine aerator.
Even if your recipient doesn't drink, he or she might enjoy entertaining, which is when a wine aerator can come in handy, according to Marie Claire magazine.

2. Personal agenda.
If your coworker is always bogged down with meetings (like your other colleagues), a personalized planner or agenda can be useful.

3. Mug.
Chances are, the gift recipient has use for a mug at the office, especially if he or she can't go without a morning cup of joe. If the person already owns a mug, consider purchasing a thermos that he or she can take on-the-go instead.

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