Teaching your husband to say no to extra work

Published Date 12/5/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Teaching your husband to say no to extra work

If your husband is constantly stressed over work, it might be because he's taking on too many projects. There's such a thing as being too generous, and never saying no to requests can lead to stress more often than not.

There are a couple of pointers you can give your spouse if he's taking on too much work and it's beginning to weigh him down. First, tell your husband to consider the projects presented to him before he says yes. Forbes magazine reports that understanding the ramifications can help him get a better idea of what's to come stress-wise.

AOL Jobs states that saying no to extra work doesn't have to be a bad thing, either - perhaps your husband doesn't realize this. Encourage him to begin these types of conversations on a positive note before saying no to let down his colleagues easily and feel less guilty.

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