Standing out among your colleagues at the office

Published Date 2/28/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Standing out among your colleagues at the office

Whether you've been at a company for years or you just started a new job, you're likely trying to stand out among the crowd. Doing so can help you win brownie points with your boss and even potentially earn you a promotion - but how do you do so if you're not a social butterfly?

One way to garner the attention you're looking for is by taking on extra work. Although it doesn't exactly sound exciting, offering your help on special projects can help you gain respect among your colleagues. reports that another way you can get attention and stand out is by piping up during meetings. As boring as they may be, contributing ideas can help you catch your boss' eye. Even if you aren't bursting at the seams with good ones, saying something is better than nothing.

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