Seeking Specialness: When Recognition Gets Murky

Published Date 4/10/2018
Category: Career & Finances

Has your need for recognition gone too far?

Everybody wants to feel special and get the acknowledgement they deserve for their stellar accomplishments and shining qualities. Yet, there’s a fine line between welcoming the recognition that comes your way and demanding constant approval. Learn how to balance your desire to feel special with your need for recognition and understand where to get the approval you seek.

Why You Seek Out Attention

For most people, the need to seek out attention begins at childhood. It’s only human to seek out positive responses from parents, teachers, and caretakers, especially since those acknowledgements often come with both tangible and intangible rewards. This approval-based reward system is alive and well for adults, too. Not only do many professional promotions hinge on showcasing your unique skills, but contemporary culture also revolves around celebrating stars and rewarding confidence.

There’s no better place than social media to understand just how easily a desire to feel special can become too much. Never before has it been so simple to see people from all walks of life seeking attention. After all, social media platforms are designed to reward responses and encourage engagement, so showcasing specialness is the name of the game here. A desire to seek recognition can easily cross the line from simply loving yourself and celebrating your own specialness to displaying arrogance, though.

How to Rein in a Need for Recognition

When you learn to seek out approval from an early age, you can easily become part of a cycle of nonstop competition. Whether you’re striving to rise to the top at work or you want to show off your personal successes at your high school reunion, you may be inclined to claim the spotlight at the expense of others.

As you’ll quickly discover during a psychic phone reading, one of the most effective ways to rein in arrogance is to stop comparing yourself to others. After all, making constant comparisons is the fastest way to give up control over yourself, since this behavior allows someone else to set the bar for your qualities or accomplishments and can force you to overemphasize your special qualities as a result.

Where to Seek Approval

For many people, learning to recognize the signs of arrogance and put a stop to constant judgments can pose substantial challenges. Naturally, striving to eliminate these behaviors leaves behind an empty space that approval from family, friends, and colleagues once filled. Rather than seeking external approval, it’s essential to look inward. When you do, you’ll learn to understand and appreciate your own specialness fully and use that internal drive to realize your own potential.

There’s no need to diminish the qualities, skills, or accomplishments that make you unique. You’ll always be one of a kind. By looking inward instead of outward for approval, you’ll have more control over your image and a greater sense of your own specialness.

Striking that balance between showing off your special, unique nature and acting arrogant isn’t always easy. Connect with a psychic network for more insight into how you can flaunt your confidence while attracting others at the same time.


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