Saying no to distractions in the workplace

Published Date 11/8/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Saying no to distractions in the workplace

If you're serious about your work, you know how difficult it can be to stay productive when you have coworkers around you who're nuisances. That being said, there isn't much you can do to keep these individuals away from you if they happen to work at the same place.

The key to staying focused and performing to the best of your ability is handling your annoying coworkers in an efficient manner. For example, U.S. News & World Report suggests being firm about ending a long-winded conversation when you need to get work done.

Another tactic you can use is to tune out your coworkers - literally. Bring in a pair of headphones and an MP3 player to drown out the annoyances near you. It might seem rude, but think of it more like a necessary measure to stay productive.

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