Preventing workplace conflict and tension

Published Date 2/28/2013
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Preventing workplace conflict and tension

There's nothing worse than dreading coming into the office every morning because you have an ongoing rivalry with a coworker. However, there are ways that you can avoid work conflicts and keep the peace at your job. states that stress management is a big part of keeping tension from boiling over and turning into an overblown situation. Take a few moments each day to relax, unwind and step away from your responsibilities to rejuvenate yourself.

Keeping up office etiquette is also crucial to maintaining politeness with your coworkers over time. Say "please" and "thank you" when you interact with your colleagues and try to approach them with a smile on your face despite how difficult it might be when you're in a sour mood.

Finally, don't let any misunderstandings develop into bigger problems. If you sense tension, address it as soon as possible. It's these types of minor issues that can result in a large conflict in the future.

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