Pinching pennies and stretching your paycheck

Published Date 10/6/2012
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Pinching pennies and stretching your paycheck

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, there are certain ways that you can make your paycheck last without putting a damper on your free time. Everyone enjoys leisure activities to relax and unwind, but some of them can burn a hole in your wallet.

Whether you're trying to build up your nest egg or you simply think it's a good time to cut back on spending, there are a couple of tactics you can use to stretch your dollar. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your money.

1. Reduce your monthly expenses.

How much do you really need to be paying for cable? Do you need those extra channels? Could you stand to have a lower text messaging limit? These are questions to consider asking yourself if you intend to put more money toward savings. Although you might not have as many minutes on your cell phone every month, you'll have more cash in your bank account.

2. Know your impulse buys.

Bank of America suggests stepping back and examining the items you buy the most, but don't use as often as you should to make them worth the cost. For example, if you continue to buy new DVDs but you never have the time to watch them, you may be putting more money than necessary toward this form of entertainment. Getting an idea of where you're leaking money can give you a better grasp on your finances.

3. Be mindful of your shopping habits.

Your shopping habits may be the reason why you can't stretch your paycheck as much as you'd like to. If you're constantly going grocery shopping on an empty stomach or you don't have a list with you when you go, you might be throwing several extra items into your cart.

4. Speak to your psychic.

If you've seemingly tried everything to revive your bank account and it isn't working, speak to your psychic. During an online psychic reading, you may discover that it's in your best interest to seek a new job that provides you with more money to cater to your expenses. In the end, advice from your psychic may be able to help you make a worthwhile lifestyle change and recover your finances.

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