Numerology and Your Career

Published Date 4/6/2017
Category: Career & Finances

Which number resonates with you?

Have you ever wondered what your personal numerology chart says about your career path? Many of us have!

It’s relatively easy to calculate your Career Path Number.  It’s the same as your Life Path Number. If you are familiar with Numerology in any way, or may have consulted a psychic Advisor for a reading, then you may already know this number. If not, the formula for calculation is simply the numbers of your birthdate added up. (Example: If your birthdate is 04/11/1975, you would add 4+11+25 = 40 = 4+0 = 4. “4” would be the career number for the individual with this birthdate.)                                              

Note: Common practice for psychic Advisors is to add each whole number, without reducing them to a single digit, of the day and month, and the year is added through only once to arrive at three numbers.  These three numbers are then added together. The final total is broken down to a single digit or a Master Number: 11, 22, 33.

Even though we may find ourselves in a job or vocation that we never planned on, or isn’t our “dream job,” it’s sometimes helpful to know where we should be—the career in which we have the promise to be most successful in all aspects. Sacrifices must sometimes be made in order to achieve material prosperity, and many times our spiritual self can lie dormant or suffer for quite some time when the focus is solely on making money. There’s a better way! In gaining the knowledge of what careers share the vibration of your Life Path Number, you also gain valuable insight into what fields most suit your personality.  Certainly it may not be possible or advisable to immediately switch careers, but should the opportunity present itself, you’ll be more prepared when making a decision.  Especially if you have more than one talent or area of expertise!  Happiness = Prosperity! When you find the right job, it will usually bring that happiness with it!  

Oftentimes, a career path will vibrate to several number paths. When this happens, it’s helpful to know what type of vibration your number is. A lawyer under a 6 vibration will certainly be different than a lawyer under a 9. They would be different areas of law—different sentiments, values, goals and talents. 

To dive further into Numerology and how you might apply it to all aspects of your life, consult with an advisor to have a Numerology reading.  Remember, all things in the Universe carry a number vibration, including you!

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