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Metaphysics and Spirituality in Business - A Guide to Corporate Survival by Psychic Henry

Date 5/8/2024
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In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and its catastrophic effects on global commerce, many CEO’s, business leaders, and corporate executives are willing to see and do things differently. Often in secret, they are seeking alternative advice from psychic business consultants, or a more socially acceptable term, intuitive consultants. They seek this unbiased advice from people with clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant abilities. They must seek this type of advice on the downlow because their Board of Directors and the public are still skeptical of people with these types of abilities serving as consultants to business. 

Knowledge of such endeavors could have an adverse effect on share prices, investor confidence, and irreparably damage the quality of the brand. Of course, this is soon to be deemed “old school” thinking. I foresee a CIO (that’s Chief Intuitive Officer) in every corporation.

Spirituality in Business

CEO’s, business leaders, and the public are waking up to the power of intuitive guidance in business. The business community is finally realizing that spiritual advice can be the competitive edge and that traditional MBA’s that are giving them cut and paste management consulting “solutions” are the same ones that masterminded the bogus structures that caused the global financial crisis.

People in the corporate world need a spiritual sounding board now. Most ancient cultures have a history of using psychic guidance, especially during cyclic shifts of consciousness occurring in human evolution. Every business can benefit from seeing a wise, intuitive person (that you do not know) that can see through and into you. This is especially helpful if you cannot do it for yourself. Seeing a good psychic or intuitive will help you understand the energy you are sending out and how that contributes to the current situation in your business.

What kind of thoughts do you spend 90% of your time thinking about? A good psychic will be able to tune into you, your inner and outer energy fields, things you think you are hiding, areas in which you excel, and things you are just plain lazy about. Your auric field and that of the company will tell all. It will reveal health, relationships, negative thoughts, and spiritual hot spots that need your attention.

A good psychic will pick up on what you are worried about, including your fears and issues troubling your spirit and your company. Blocks on your spiritual path can be identified while alternatives and solutions are revealed. Your own intuitive thoughts and feelings may well be confirmed during the session, encouraging you to listen and trust yourself in all things. We all have intuitive capability. It is inherent in each and every one of us. It is highly developed in some, due to being born with the gift of intuition, or developing the skill through meditation and silence.

Seeking out a good psychic can really help you get your business together. When we cannot get our stuff together, we sometimes need to tap into the unseen forces for help and guidance. Word of mouth is the best recommendation for finding a good psychic. At least one of your colleagues has spoken with a psychic. But you won’t know until you ask!

Spirituality and Business

Dealing with Skeptics

Satirist HL Mencken said, “The people Americans admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars. The men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth!”

I know there are skeptics that believe spiritual tools for corporate survival are not meant for every CEO, company or executive. My answer to skeptics is simple: “What if I am right!”  What if using spiritual tools in business can help you gain and retain profits, utilizing the talent of great employees, while being healthy, at peace, and free of stress. If I am right, they can! What if your competitor is using these tools and kicking your butt in the marketplace?

The negative perception of using psychics and intuitive consultants in business is changing. A cable show entitled Psychic Detectives has a huge domestic and international audience. Law enforcement agencies globally have long used psychics to solve and gain insight into difficult unsolved cases. Even the FBI and CIA, as well as many military establishments worldwide have and are engaged in intuitive training for their police officers and agents. They have attained an amazing degree of accuracy. Remote viewing has been used by the Russian and US military with success.

Spirituality and Business Success

I Ching Chinatown

I Ching - The Secret Weapon of Chinese in Business

Public information regarding your company’s “birthdate” and the birthdate of the CEO combined with the use of the I Ching, the secret weapon that Chinese businessmen have been using for thousands of years, will render you and your company at a huge disadvantage when dealing Chinese businesspeople. While living and working in China, I discovered one of the reasons that US and western companies struggle dealing and competing with Chinese business is that they have consulted the extraordinary divination tool, the I Ching, and divined your energy and the energy of your company to their benefit! They are also aware of your shortcomings, ego issues, and other weaknesses in your character and your business. This is all done without your knowledge. This combination of metaphysical data with the focus of their desired outcomes gives them the upper hand and a competitive advantage.

As Carl Jung stated in his renown introduction to the Richard Wilhelm, I Ching, “While the Western mind carefully sifts, weighs, selects, classifies, isolates, the Chinese picture of the moment encompasses everything down to the minutest nonsensical detail, because all the ingredients make up the observed moment.” He continues “…these chance details enter into the picture of the moment of observation and form a part of it, a part that is insignificant to us, yet most meaningful to the Chinese mind. With us it would be a banal and almost meaningless statement to say that whatever happens at a given moment possesses inevitably the quality peculiar to it at the moment. This is not an abstract argument, but a practical one.”

Casting the I Ching, the Chinese know that the 64 hexagrams are indicators of the invisible currents prevailing at the moment of origin of the partnership, business, project, or deal. Favorable or unfavorable, it gives a complete vibrational overview of the spiritual agencies at work. This is powerful information on its own, but combined with traditional projections, it can be used to predict the outcome of any given commercial enterprise.

Know your energetic SWOT assessment before your competitor does, especially when dealing with ancient cultures in business. It is vastly important to know the “birthdate” of your business and that of the CEO. It is sacred information that should not be publicly shared, especially when dealing with businesspeople from ancient cultures like China, India, and The Middle East.

Business Zoom Call

Advantages of Religion in Business -The Business Monks in Bhutan

There are many advantages of using religion in business. One advantage is going secretly to receive business divination and advice. Wall Street mega traders and investment bankers have been known to visit the famous “Business Monks” at the at the Pangrizampa Monastery in the Himalayan country of Bhutan. Thousands of entrepreneurs’ trek to this mountainous Utopia to seek business advice on start-ups, expansion strategies, stock market, global investments, buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions.

Himalayan monks clad in maroon robes consult the "Mopai," an ancient 250-page goatskin volume that provides human calculators, called "tsips," with intricate mathematical and astronomical formulas to compute a client's destiny, fate, and business fortune. They have a long reputation for providing excellent divinatory guidance to clients, by conversing with entrepreneurial spirits. They have been doing it for more than 1,500 years, with stark accuracy.

Astrology and Business

Spiritual Tools for Optimum Corporate Productivity

Astrology and The Workforce

I am constantly bombarded with complaints from CEO’s concerning the inability to attract and retain good talent. I advise them to use astrology, in addition to traditional psychometric testing, to determine compatibility with the CEO, the vibration of the company, collaborating effectively with the executive team, and corporate culture. Compatibility Charts should be drawn up before the hiring of all corporate executives, before entering proposed mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, the appointment of any board members or critical new hires. Compatibility Charts will highlight the positive intellectual capital of the proposed candidate, as well as inborn shadows in the personality that could affect performance and the company’s bottom line. It is a small investment that can yield great rewards.

Weekly Planner

Spiritual Tools in Action-Harnessing the Power of the Days of the Week

Not understanding the power inherit in the days of the week can negatively affect your business and personal life. This may cause you to schedule meetings, product launches, negotiations, closings, interviews, conferences, important announcements, and other events on days that are not conducive to optimal outcomes. Let inherit power and energy in the days of the week work for you.

Discover what days are best for accomplishing your business goals and objectives. Each day of the week is named after the five visible planets, the sun, and the moon.

According to the Kabbalah, here are the days of the week to accomplish specific corporate objectives:

  • Sunday - The Sun’s Day. Sunday is best for family, self-confidence, energizing personal power, recharging, recalibrating, revitalizing physical energy, and your basic rest and relaxation. 
  • Monday - Moon’s Day. Monday is best for intuition, tapping into emotions, happiness, attitude adjustments, home, family, and tapping into the subconscious. Monday is not a good day for meetings or important business dealings. No one, not your clients, not even your staff likes to have meetings on a Monday. Monday is a better day for administrative work, planning by the moon phases, collecting documentation, strategy, organization, corporate mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation. It is also not the best day to sign contracts. As the Moon fluctuates, the contract may have to be changed. 
  • Tuesday - Tew’s Day, the Day of Mars. Tuesday is a good day to initiate action, courage, physical vitality, strength, and movement. It is a wonderful day for meetings with clients, exchanging ideas, debates, coming to agreements, signing contracts, and getting things done. And if you need to let off some steam, it is also a good day for exercise.
  • Wednesday - Wodin’s Day, the Day of Mercury. Wednesday is about knowledge, communications, expression, healing, logic, connection, absorbing information, and travel. Hump day is an excellent day for admin work, research, surfing the net, and answering emails. Like Monday, Wednesday is not typically a good day for meetings or signing contracts. 
  • Thursday - Thor’s Day, the Day of Jupiter. On a Thursday, focus on optimism, prestige, wealth, expansion, broadening of horizons, and fortune. It is a great day for finding balance, accounting, closing deals, conducting meetings with clients, and investing. 
  • Friday - Freya’s Day, the Day of Venus. TGIF – today is the day to pay attention to relationships, fertility, enjoying the arts, harmony, balance, inner true beauty, and affection. It’s an OK day for meetings, but not as good as Tuesday and Thursday. but better than Monday and Wednesday. Friday is also a great day for entertaining, client lunches and employee appreciation events. 
  • Saturday - Saturn’s Day. The start of the weekend (for most at least) is about self-discipline, solitude, relationships, limitations, karma, and aging. It is the most feminine day of the week, an enjoyable day to pamper yourself after a long week. Saturday is also the Sabbath for many religions. It is not an auspicious day to conduct business.

Understanding the power inherit in the days of the week when used in conjunction with traditional strategic planning tools can increase the chances of success in implementing and executing corporate goals.

In my company, we refrain from calling on clients on Mondays. We use Mondays and Wednesdays strictly for administrative and planning tasks. All our face-to-face client meetings and important conference calls are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday, with lunch and dinner meetings reserved for Fridays. We have had remarkable success using the power of the days of the week and have increased our client base by 50%.

Business Handshake

Spiritual Tools for Survival

I have advised many entrepreneurs whose companies are in shambles because they are not in flow with cosmic timing and using the same old tools to solve new age problems.

Spiritual tools are absolutely mandatory for survival in the New Age. They are necessary for companies trying to progress in the Age of Aquarius into the collaboration paradigm. We need the foresight to attract high frequency partnerships, to build ethical spiritual companies that truly do no harm, executives that live and contribute to humanity by example, and to use intuition to download innovative technologies that move us to be the best we can be.

We must use and implement spiritual tools in business to harness happiness, be at peace, reside in abundance and prosperity, live our dreams, and manifest destiny in the global workplace.



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Henry is a former international lawyer, psychic and seasoned business executive with more than two decades of experience in multinational, multicultural, multicommodity, and multidisciplinary arenas spanning Africa, China, and the United States. Henry has traveled the labyrinth of life centering her in Los Angeles and her spiritual home in South Africa. She consults for individuals and businesses globally. Frequently described as a Corporate Shaman and empath, she is master weaver using underlying matrices of intuition, subtle energy, and Soul Architecture to insure prominence on corporate and individual Earth walks.


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