Mercury Retrograde and Your Work by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 6/4/2021
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Working from home during Mercury Retrograde... don't stress out!

Mercury, the planet representing communication and travel, has entered the retrograde cycle from May 29th until June 22nd, 2021. Especially when it comes to your job, be ready for a period of miscommunication and travel hiccups. By preparing yourself for the retrograde cycle, you can be ready to navigate all unexpected changes, delays, and schedule snafus. 
Mercury will be in the sun sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. The sun sign of Gemini is naturally friendly and sociable, but with Mercury, it becomes even much more talkative and outgoing. There is almost a frantic energy that can be both fun and exhausting at the same time. A person with Sun in Gemini can be quick and witty, with razor-sharp communication skills; now, you can be in for a fast-speed ride when you add Mercury to the equation.

During the Mercury retrograde, things become a tad more complicated. The typical witty and quick-thinking Gemini can lose focus and become extra scattered. Mercury retrograde in Gemini can specifically impact our abilities to work effectively and manage our survival skills. Since many folks are currently working from home due to COVID, learning how to manage the retrograde is essential.

Mercury Retrograde Tips To Help With Your Job

Mercury retrograde can specifically impact your work by affecting your mental stamina, concentration, communication skills, and focus. Here are some valuable tips to consider doing during the retrograde to help you remain focus and on top of your game on the job (and even when not working too):

  • Keep a to-do list, this will keep you focused.
  • Take your time; when we rush, we tend to make mistakes.
  • Avoid multitasking because it will create errors.
  • Re-read your e-mails before sending to avoid sending incorrect information.
  • Frequently check your computer for viruses.
  • Ask for help to prevent burnout.
  • Take some breaks to recharge yourself and avoid mental fatigue.
  • Learn to meditate since it will improve your focus and concentration.
  • Keep a calendar of appointments to help you stay on top of your schedule.
  • Avoid asking for raises.
  • Do not interview for new jobs or positions unless it’s necessary since your ability to present may come across as unfocused and scattered.
  • Avoid signing new contracts since the details maybe not be completely clear.

There are a total of three Mercury retrograde periods in 2021 that occur during the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. The first one already passed in January, we are in one now (May/June), with one more to arrive in the fall from September 27th until October 18th.

The reality is you cannot evade making changes or facing critical situations based on a retrograde. However, being prepared with a solid game plan will allow you to make grounded and appropriate decisions. In reviewing all your options and taking your time, you can face any challenge during any retrograde regardless of how tricky the aspects may be.

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Minerva is a skilled Psychic, Tarot reader, Intuitive Coach, Interfaith Minister, and Reiki Master with a Degree in Psychology. She has more than 35 years of working as an intuitive coach and a psychic reader. Minerva, a Native New Yorker who enjoyed a career as a therapist and metaphysical teacher for over 30, has retired and is now devoted to doing psychic readings and writing. Minerva’s intuitive skills and experience as a therapist provide her with a solid background for exploring various heart and soul topics with compassion and deep understanding.


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