Making a New Year's resolution to tackle debt

Published Date 1/25/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Making a New Year's resolution to tackle debt

One New Year's resolution you can make to improve your stress levels and the state of your bank account is to maintain financial stability. If you have an ample amount of debt hanging over your head, there's no better time than now to eliminate your money woes before the new year rolls around.

It's not uncommon for people with credit cards to become overwhelmed with the debt they rack up over time. However, there are a couple of ways that you can tackle this issue efficiently if it pertains to you. Time magazine recommends starting slow - eliminate your small debts, then work your way up. This will help you chop away at the debt as a whole.

Another way to maintain your financial stability and eliminate debt is to get into the habit of only spending the money you have. This means staying away from your credit cards and opting for cash when you're at the grocery store, the mall and everywhere in between.

If you want to know what the new year holds for your finances, speak to your psychic. A psychic reading can give you a glimpse into the future and how well you manage your money.

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