Launching Your Heart Centered Business Using Spiritual Tools by Psychic Radha

Date 11/23/2022
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Don't give up if you are determined to launch your own business.

Don't give up if you are determined to launch your own business.

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More and more of us are realizing that we are not cut out for the corporate world. One more meaningless meeting and we feel trapped. Maybe it’s time we left that environment and started our own heart centered business.

A heart centered business has many meanings. But in this context, let us say this means a business that speaks to your heart. You decide to start a business and the issue is this, you already doubt yourself but now family and friends have decided to sink you into their own doubts.

For one thing, understand that their karma and their fears are not yours.

You’ll hear things like:

“Do you know how many business fail?”

“Your job isn’t that bad, stop complaining, it could be worse.”

“You know how hard school was for you.”

“My business failed and do you know why?”

“What do you do in your office anyway?”

“You should really get serious and get a real job.”

These well-meaning comments (I say this with some irony) will slam you into self-doubt and even a depression.

You will hear it all.

How do you snap out of sinking into THEIR quicksand?

Change Your Perceptions

Here is a time when boundaries must be set. Yes, they will state that you are being defensive and so what? This is your future and right now you need to focus your attention on winning.

Could you fail? Yes.

Is that the end of you and your future? Not likely.

Every multi-millionaire who I have ever read about stated that failing was the gift they needed in order to learn what it took to win. Failing to learn to walk as a toddler teaches the child to walk and then to run. You would not belittle a toddler for failing, would you?

Change your perception about failing. In fact, be joyous and run into failure with the attitude that it is your teacher - for that is the truth!

But here is the trick to manifesting the birthing of your own successful business—NEVER QUIT!!! Never doubt yourself and when you do (for you will) chant a power mantra! One that I use is calling in the goddess of fortune, Laxmi. Here is a mantra I want you to use:


I chant it on my root chakra – turning the red chakra clockwise.
I chant it on my Sacral chakra- turning the orange chakra clockwise
I chant it on my Solar Plexus chakra- turning the sunny yellow chakra clockwise
I chant it on my heart chakra- turning the green chakra clockwise

Do the same with the throat chakra which is blue, the third eye chakra which is violet and finally your crown chakra which is gold/white.

If you truly want to manifest in the material world without pushing against all odds you must step out of the 3 dimensional construct and step into the quantum field of co-creating with the Universe.

Is your business a good idea?

Will it serve others well?

Will it honor your gifts?

Sit in meditation with your business idea. Does it feel light in your heart? Does the very thought of it being born excite you? Is this your bliss? Would going to be work be like playing?
In other words...

Is this the right path?

Sit in power with your soul, ask your angel and guides for their input and their help which will come with signs, in dreams, and outward guidance. Don’t forget that Einstein dreamed the Theory of Relativity, E=MC2. Consider taking up saging or smudging your home, office, healing studio and/or yourself from all that negative energy.

Your friends and family have their own life path but when they infringe on your ability to focus on manifesting your sandcastle into matter, that, my friend cannot be tolerated.

As my favorite saying goes:

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

This saying is something I want you to share with those who want to “help you.” This is your first and final warning, tell them kindly.

Be firm and then move forward with your passion, in other words, follow your bliss and make it happen because there is no plan B. There is only the power of now, co-creating your heart centered business, which is another way to say, a business that speaks to YOUR heart.

Now live day to day, in the now of enjoying your successful business. The trick to manifesting what you need to make your business successful is to keep the end results of your success in the present. In other words, DO NOT play it out in your mind as a future event but as a present event. How does it feel? And experience the explosive euphoria of having your business thriving and successful—FEEL IT in your body. Do this little exercise every day and watch magic unfold.

Don’t regret your past failures. Use them as steps to your goals which are only a stone’s throw away – IF you believe.



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