Is Someone at Work Giving You Trouble? Don't Worry, Be Happy by Psychic Anabelle

Date 9/2/2022
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Don't let that annoying co-worker bring you down with them!

Don't let that annoying co-worker bring you down with them!

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You show up for work, start sipping your morning coffee, begin checking your e-mails and prepare for the day ahead when they appear at your desk.  You know who I’m talking about, the guy (or gal) in the office that just always knows what to say or do to annoy you and now the rest of the day is ruined. Thanks a lot… Well, there’s always tomorrow, right?  

But do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Why are they doing it?” You keep wondering about what could be motivating the workplace backstabbing. At one point, you feel so worn down that you consider talking to a psychic about it. 

Good News - You may draw some comfort knowing many people are dealing with this situation.  I am often surprised by the intelligence of people who contact me to consult about workplace harassment situations.  The mere fact that you are reading this article means you are taking a proactive approach.  

3 Recommendations for dealing with workplace conflicts   

1. It could be you are 100% innocent in the situation.
You may have spent a sleepless night or two, looking for some real or imagined injustice you might have inflicted on this person. But from my experience, there might be none. You may actually be 100% innocent in this situation. How so?  People keep replaying childhood drama and scenarios that shaped their life perspectives, such as abusive behavior of parents, or other painful situations that leave the mark, like bullying or lack of acceptance during adolescence. It takes actual intention and spiritual work to remove old patterns and live free of old imprinting.  Most people haven't gone through this healing process, so you could end up getting harassed just because you subconsciously remind a person of somebody who gave them trouble in the past.

What to do about it: 

Break your part of the cycle. Take a journal and make some notes about how this situation makes you feel. Try to describe it as neutrally and objectively, as if you were describing your symptoms to a doctor. Then, maybe a day later, pick up your notes and examine the “symptoms.”  When did you feel that way most in the past? Do these types of feelings or situations arise in your life on a regular basis? 

By bringing your awareness to the pattern, you are likely to weaken its hold over you. Remember: it takes two to tango. If you refuse the role that you have been magnetically drawn to by your previous experience and emotional imprinting, the other person may be forced into a new role as well. 

Sometimes we, the well-meaning personal growth enthusiasts, fail to notice the obvious reason…

2. They just might be the obnoxious kind of person whom everybody avoids.
In my work-related readings, I sometimes see a "crazy cat lady" when inquiring about the caller's coworker. It may not literally be an old lady, but someone who evokes that kind of feeling. You know, the person who constantly sends letters to the editor; the infamous guy who makes the local sheriff crazy; the person who took their whole family to court.

What to do about it: 

Surprise this person by changing the course of the game.
Gifts work well. Write a personalized note or give a compliment. Don´t tell me I'm crazy for advising you to do that. See, it doesn't matter if you feel they don't deserve it, you don’t want to be friends with them. The trick is merely to disrupt the situation and allow for new, fresh energy. They’ll likely find somebody else to bother once you have disrupted the energy pattern. In order to do that, you generate an energy pattern as well (as above in #1.) 

3. You are in fact over-qualified for this job. 
One of the most common scenarios I get with my callers is that the caller finds him or herself in a career that doesn't reflect their true ambitions. Don´t trick yourself into thinking you can hide the fact that you are twice as qualified or capable as everybody else in this job. You may have pictured the job as easy and end up then in a nightmare of an office atmosphere because your work shows everyone else up.  It may seem like a good idea to aim for something slightly below your ability level for whatever reason, but you may end up generating hostilities in the workplace.

What to do about it:  
Sometimes all it takes to change the situation for you is to find a new perspective. 

Remember, you are not going to be stuck in this position, these company locations, or under this manager forever. People and life opportunities come and go, you have many options and this is but one small chapter of your life and you took the position for a reason. Remind yourself why you are doing it. Remember your goals when you took this job.  Focus on what you can learn or gain from this job for now, for today. Surely you have a little more to gain than money. Think of how this chapter of your life may serve you in the future. You will relax and that will reduce your stress.

Last Resort
So, what if you keep reading this and still feel like screaming, "But, Anabelle, I have tried this all, and none of it seems working!" 

Then I have one last piece of advice for you. 

Find a Witchdoctor and get some Hot Foot Voodoo Powder. Don´t worry if you don´t know any – they sell them online these days! Follow the directions. This might sound like a superstition, but I have had clients who solved their problems using some old-timey Southern magic. 

Let’s review…  what do you do when somebody at work is giving you trouble? 
Know that you are not alone in this situation. Workplace harassment and conflict are common themes among coaches, psychics, and other advisors.
Know that you may be innocent. Something unrelated to you, perhaps from that person's past, may be playing itself out. Make sure you are not replaying some high school situation as well.
Know that most often these tensions arise when you stick out, above your competition -  and as a result, you feel ambivalent about the job. If that is the case, remind yourself of your long-term vision.  Consult your situation with someone caring and independent about your situation, like yours truly, to help alleviate stress and bring you some new perspectives.  

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