How to leave your current job without burning bridges

Published Date 3/5/2013
Category: Career & Finances

How to leave your current job without burning bridges

If you're thinking about moving on from your current job and you recently received an offer from a different employer, you might be excited for this change in your career - but how do you break the news to your boss?

There are a few ways you can transition smoothly and avoid offending anyone at your current job. Forbes magazine recommends being careful about who you choose to socialize with once you've made your final decision. Don't make a grand exit - keep it subtle and professional to make sure you have references you can use in the future. also recommends being honest with your employer before you leave. Your company may even require you to go through an exit interview prior to your departure. Don't hold back but stay respectable as you leave to give your employer valuable food for thought.

Speak to your psychic if you're worried about how your company will handle the news. A tarot reading can confirm that you'll be happier in the future and give you the confidence you need to move on from your current position.

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