How Business Travel Affects Marriage

Published Date 9/17/2013
Category: Career & Finances

How Business Travel Affects Marriage

When it comes to your job, you might need to travel regularly in order to conduct business. Needless to say, this can put a strain on your marriage, but is there any real evidence that business travel causes divorce?

Forbes magazine recently reported on research that showed that 85 percent of Americans believe that business interferes with their personal lives, especially when they need to hop on a plane and fly far from home. However, you don't have to let your job ruin your marriage.

Hitched magazine recommended maintaining a certain level of personal communication when you're both apart. This means picking up the telephone and talking - not just texting and emailing - to stay in contact. Another way you can stay close is by communicating frequently, even if you only have a few seconds. Sending an "I love you" text message can go a long way when it comes to cementing a relationship from afar.

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