Handling your finances in a more efficient manner

Published Date 2/18/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Handling your finances in a more efficient manner

There's nothing worse than having to sit down and balance your checkbook every week just to stay on top of your finances, but as some would argue, this method is downright archaic and not the only option available to you! There are a couple of ways you can stay on top of your finances in the digital age without slaving over your checkbook.

DailyFinance.com recommends considering a downloadable application if you have a smartphone. While it might be a big difference from updating a physical document every week, it's more convenient and you'll always have it with you on the go.

Another option is to download software to your computer where you can calculate your finances and keep track of how much money is going in and out. A program as simple as Microsoft Excel can give you an opportunity to do the math without spending an ample amount of time scribbling into a checkbook.

If you're worried about the future of your finances, consider speaking to your psychic. During a live psychic reading, you can find out if switching to a new money management system will benefit you later down the line.

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