Handling your emotions under stress in the workplace

Published Date 10/26/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Handling your emotions under stress in the workplace

If you're naturally an emotional person, it might be difficult for you to restrain your feelings when you're in the workplace. When you're under stress from your responsibilities and colleagues, you're more likely to lash out. However, there are a few ways you can gain better control of your emotions and stay level-headed at the office.

The University of Colorado suggests recognizing your feelings as well as the emotions of the person you're speaking to before saying anything you might regret. By taking a step back and re-examining the situation, you can treat the issue appropriately and determine how extreme you should be.

MindTools.com also recommends thinking about the last time you were frustrated when you feel your emotions start to boil over. Did your negativity solve any problems? Recognizing the lack of productivity that came from your anger can help you calm down.

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