Giving Your Son Pointers on His First Job

Published Date 9/15/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Giving your son pointers for his first job

It can be exciting to see your child graduate from college and land his first job, but he's likely going to come to you for advice on how to handle his career matters. A real position in a professional atmosphere might evoke some nerves - here are some tips you can offer to help him impress his new boss.

First, remind him of his manners and encourage him to dress professionally. Even if everyone else in the office seems to have a laidback attitude and attire, tell him that it's important to establish his reputation early.

Next, Forbes magazine recommends sticking to the job and exceeding expectations. It can be easy to get distracted at the water cooler while speaking to coworkers, especially for someone not used to working in a professional atmosphere. Remind your son to keep his eyes on the prize - award and recognition from his boss!

Finally, tell him to speak to a psychic for more insight into the situation if he's worried about fitting in at his new workplace. A tarot reading can let him know how his next few months of employment will fare.

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