Gaining more respect in the workplace

Published Date 11/23/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Gaining more respect in the workplace

You might not be the most confident person in the room when you're at the office, and over time, it can show. If you're unsure of yourself and people see you as a doormat, you might begin to lack respect in the workplace.

However, there are ways that you can remedy this situation and start to make headway in the office. Forbes magazine recommends ensuring that you're treating others with courtesy on a regular basis. As they say, you should always treat people the way you expect to be treated - especially when it happens to be people you see frequently. also suggests making it a point to show that you're dedicated to your job. Show up early, stay late and take on any projects that you feel will fit into your schedule. Taking initiative can be the difference between being frowned upon and being respected in the workplace.

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