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From Mind to Money: Unlocking Wealth Through Abundance Meditation by Psychic Rachelle

Date 8/9/2023
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Money is energy. It acts just like the “current” in your electrical and digital devices. It moves, it transmits, and it resonates with the receiver. Money, also known as currency, is exchanged, given, and received. This is the cycle money engages in everyday all over the planet. And we can influence the patterns and cycles with our minds!

Recently I set an intention to manifest a lump sum of money. I required this to pay some health bills I incurred with a foot injury leaving me with two broken bones in my left foot. Ouch! Instead of going down Avenue Gloom, I decided to use my mind, visualization techniques, gratitude, journaling, self-hypnosis, crystals, and daily affirmative prayer to keep my ENERGY high.

Money Loves Momentum

Money Loves Momentum! 

Money likes high energy, and high vibrational, free flowing lanes to move in. Just like a speedy Ferrari, money moves on the path of least resistance. Money doesn’t do well with victim type of energy, which says: “poor me, life just never goes my way, blah blah blah.” Money loves momentum! And I remained committed to remaining in a high vibe state where momentum was impressively by my side.

After two weeks of creating elevated emotional states like gratitude, joy, and positive expectancy, I received a call from a friend who had come into a large sum of money. And he gifted me a large sum of money! At first, it seemed like it was a daydream. But it was real and deposited in my bank account two weeks to the date I started using my money manifestation skills. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have access to, and I will show you how to use it to achieve, attract and magnetize anything you want in life. You are giving the signal to the Universe that you feel abundant already! Money wants to join your party now because it wants to be in good company.

Abundance Manifestation Journal

Abundance Manifestation Techniques


Always Be Creating! Create an elevated state of being, by engaging in the best emotions and feeling states possible. This means finding ways to feel gratitude, self-love, compassion, and nurturing self-care.

Begin with Gratitude

I teach this practice to all my clients and customers. It is the most powerful tool to speed your manifestation process and one of the best to elevate your personal frequency or energy. Begin with getting still and sitting comfortably and reflect on all the abundance in your life currently. Conjure up feelings of gratitude and let these flow throughout your whole body. Then begin to speak the words "thank you" and words of graciousness to those that have helped you, who love you, and who are most precious to you. Keep feeling this immense energy in your body, and in your heart. Gratitude attracts and magnetizes to you all that you desire, because you are giving the signal to the Universe that you feel abundant already! Money wants to join your party now because it wants to be in good company.

Create Heart Coherence

This practice comes from the HeartMath Institute and promises to elevate your energy and create a magnetic force for good and abundance to flow in. Practice this when you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Set a timer for 5, 10, or more minutes, and stay committed to sitting with your heart. Close your eyes and think of someone or a pet you truly love and who loves you deeply. Feel the love from that special being in your life. Then bring that feeling into your heart and breath in and out of your heart rhythmically. Keep feeling more love, and let it keep growing in your heart center. This will activate your Heart Chakra  which is the energy center of your creative powers. We create with our heart’s intention and when we place attention on the heart, we amplify its powers to magnetize our deepest wishes. 

Write to Make Right: Your Abundance Journal

After your heart coherence meditation, take some time to write. Write out your biggest dreams and wishes and keep these in the present tense. For example, “I am so grateful I received a large sum of money to help me with my family this month.” Address these to your higher power, whatever you wish to call Her. Ask for assistance and guidance to see the signs, and to help you remain an open high vibing channel of money magnetism. Writing on paper will solidify your intentions. Don’t do this on your computer or phone. Do this on paper in ink or using whatever you wish to write with. Spelling out your words creates a “spell” of sorts. And money loves to play with high vibing spells.

You can take this one step further and purchase your own special “abundance journal.” It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be something that really resonates with you and that you find beautiful. You can collage the cover or decorate it and make a new one. You can separate it into sections for each area of your life or specific money goals. It’s up to you and what you desire. The moment you infuse your best intentions is the moment money magic happens!

Visualization Meditations for Attracting Abundance

Your mind’s eye is a powerhouse for becoming a money magnet. This is because the mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. It takes everything as being real and in the moment. Picture what you want with your imagination and by meditating on your list of intentions and desires. The most important key here is to FEEL as you see the end goal. Feel what it is like having more money, or all your bills paid every month, or having a bigger house or a fancy car. What would it feel like to sit in that Ferrari? The more you feel with your heart, the more you magnetize the wishes. See yourself in the desired outcome and affirm you are already living in that timeline. Repeat your affirmations in the present tense as you see yourself immersed in the new film that is your life. You essentially can rewrite your life story or “script” with the words, visuals, and things you affirm in your life. They all contain energy, just like you.

Crystals and Reiki for Wealth

Additional Tools for Wealth Manifestation


You can hold crystals like Citrine, Amazonite, Jade, and Aventurine while you meditate and visualize your desires. These crystals all resonate with abundance and can create more wealth in all areas of your life. Adding in a quartz crystal to any of the above-mentioned will amplify the manifestation powers further. Make sure to use crystals with your own energy connection to them. And always cleanse and clear them after use.

Reiki and Energy Healing

Receiving energy healing is a powerful way to cleanse your aura and elevate your vibe as well. Seek a good, and trusted Energy Healer that you feel you resonate with. I offer Reiki, Chakra cleansing, and Theta Healing during a call or chat and this will help you self-regulate and stabilize any erratic or unbalanced energy states. If you are feeling anxious, low emotional states like sadness, anger or apathy, an energy healing will help unblock and get the energy moving again. And like I have said, money needs momentum to manifest. 

Daily Meditation

Meditation is a Daily Practice

You will need to commit to a daily meditation practice in order to truly see great results. Schedule this into your calendar, just like any other important appointment you make. This will solidify your intent and ensure you won't leave it to chance. Make this a daily part of your routine. It may be helpful to create a morning and evening ritual practice where you meditate on your money goals and desires.

How to Meditate? Create a Mind Movie for Powerful Manifestations 

Meditation doesn't need to be sitting and not thinking about anything. Actually, having a point of focus is highly encouraged and most powerful when wanting to manifest more money or anything you desire. Pick an image of what you feel represents your desire or final outcome. Sit in silence and focus on that desire with all your senses. What would having that big sum of money feel like? Sound like? Look like? Taste like? Smell like? Get all your five senses involved while you meditate. The more you engage your senses the more real it becomes in your mind. Create a movie in your mind and see it play out, with all the characters and manifestations already happening before your eyes. Then place yourself in your "film" and see it from the first person. Now you are in the game! And here is where you can "Live As If" or the great Law of Assumption, as the great Neville Goddard taught. Living as if, along with gratitude are your biggest most powerful tools to manifest anything you want in life.

Using Meditation to Clear Out Blocks

Meditation Can Be Used to Clear Out Mental Blocks

Everyone struggles with limiting beliefs to some degree in their lives. This is where meditation can really be powerful at creating clear channels within you to receive. Before even sitting to meditate, take some time and write out what you believe about money. List all the negative things you say or do towards money. One way to really know your limiting money beliefs is to recall what your parents said about money while you were growing up. Did they refer to it as dirty, hard to come by, hard to earn or receive, evil, and only available to criminals? Write these all down.

Now sit in meditation, and see these limiting beliefs written on a chalkboard (or whiteboard if you prefer) in front of you. Visualize the whole board completely filled with all your limiting blocks. Now see yourself taking a big eraser and erasing and wiping out the entire board. Then blow it up or smash it with a sledgehammer until it is completely destroyed and gone into the ethers to be transmuted. The final step is to see a new board, right in front of you and with the new image or words describing your ideal manifested reality and life. Write or draw what you want to manifest and attract in your life. Make it bold, in color, and as vivid as you can. Keep reading it and seeing the images. This is your new reality. 

It is especially important to really work on your limiting mental beliefs and patterns. I can help you do this during a reading with energy healing and visualization techniques as well. Our blocks create resistance for the money and abundance to flow in. Money does not like resistance. This step is really crucial to see the best most powerful results with your manifestation goals.

Abundance Meditation

You Are a Powerful Creator

Remember you are always creating and recreating your life with your thoughts, beliefs, and words. You can create what you genuinely want when you apply all the manifestation techniques described above. Really get good at catching yourself when "stinking thinking" comes up. Erase and eradicate those beliefs using meditation and your commitment to become a better version of yourself. Most importantly, see this as a game and have fun playing it! This needs to feel good, and fun in order for you to stick with this and see it through to the end. The more playful you can be, the better. It is all energy. If you want fun and easy money to come in, ease up on your perceptions of life. Each morning declare you are a "Grand Manifestor" and read your goals. Speak to them out to the Universe and see them in your mind's eye.

I can also help you manifest more with a specific reading tuning into your energy field. Let's make magic happen today! 

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Rachelle is a 5th generation Psychic and Intuitive Healer, a practicing Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and currently is studying heart-brain coherence science and practices. She also teaches breath work, and meditation techniques that heal and enable people to manifest their dreams and deepest desires. Rachelle prefers to use no tools and instead directly connects quickly to her Guides and Source. Her greatest passion is using her intuition to guide members to stay in their own power and live from a place of true strength.



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