Four secret tips for staying friendly (but not too friendly) with your coworkers

Published Date 10/23/2012
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Four secret tips for staying friendly (but not too friendly) with your coworkers

Once you begin work at a new company, you might feel pressured to become friends with your coworkers, especially if everyone around you is being chummy. But how do you know where to draw the line? After all, is it really appropriate to add your boss on Facebook, where he or she can view all of your personal updates? Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind as you look to forge relationships with people around the office.

1. Know what you want to share.

Before you decide to become best friends with the guy in the cubicle next to you, you'll want to set some personal guidelines for yourself. For instance, how much do you want to share about your marriage? Are you willing to hang out with the person outside of work? Depending on your boundaries, you can determine how intimate your friendship becomes over time.

2. Be mindful of social media.

Social media has changed the way people associate with each other at the office for a number of reasons. Being linked on websites such as Facebook and Twitter gives others access to personal information. While you might find it acceptable to befriend the woman you go out to lunch with a couple times a week, think twice before you add your boss or someone in a higher position - how much do you really want him or her to know about you outside of work?

3. Seek guidance from your psychic.

Who better to bail you out of this tough situation than your psychic? If you're unsure of where your relationships with coworkers truly stand, consider an online psychic reading. You'll be able to gain insight into how your colleagues view your relationships and whether it's a good idea to get closer to them in the future.

4. Master the art of small talk.

Reader's Digest Magazine states that learning how to master small talk can help you get in good standing with all of your coworkers without going too far. By keeping up light conversation at the water cooler and avoiding excess details, you can appease your audience without forging a lifelong friendship (unless you want to, of course). Understanding that there's a time and place for personal information to be brought up can help you maintain your reputation at the office.


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