Finding more satisfaction with a college degree

Published Date 12/3/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Finding more satisfaction with a college degree

You might've decided to put getting a postsecondary degree on hold when you were younger to start a family or pick up an odd job to care for other expenses. However, it's never too late to return to school. There are numerous benefits that come with earning a degree, and they all outweigh the cost of tuition.

A postsecondary education can help you land your dream job or advance your current career. With a degree under your belt and college experience on your resume, employers will know that you have the skills necessary to benefit their company.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that those who pursue a higher education may also find more job satisfaction by earning a degree. In 2008, approximately 60 percent of people with some college education said they were highly satisfied with their careers. About 50 percent of people who only had high school diplomas were able to say the same.

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