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Published Date 12/5/2016
Category: Career & Finances

Eliminate clutter and bring emotional harmony to your office through feng shui.

Do you ever feel nervous, stressed out, or uncomfortable in your office? You could blame the extra two cups of coffee you drank this morning, but the solution might lie in a more holistic approach. Feng shui allows you to create the ideal office environment for productivity, comfort, and mental clarity.

Go Natural

Feng shui celebrates all-natural elements, from sunlight to green plants. If you work in an office with a window, open those blinds and let the sunshine pour in. Alternatively, replace fluorescent lights with LEDs that mimic natural light. You can also bring in an easy-care plant, such as a stalk of bamboo, spider plant, or succulent. If nothing else, hang artwork that features the great outdoors.

Get Relaxed

A relaxed seating arrangement is particularly conducive to feng shui because it eliminates confrontational positions. For instance, if your desk faces two visitors' chairs, the people who drop in for a chat automatically sit in confrontation with you. Consider angling the chairs for a more laid-back environment.

You could also put a love seat or armchair against the opposite wall, so you're not facing your visitors at all. If you have trouble relaxing at work, consider consulting an online psychic for guidance.

Clean Up

A desk littered with papers, files, errant pens, yesterday's coffee mug, and other detritus can stress you out and reduce your productivity. You don't have to put everything away, but keep desk and office clutter to a minimum. Create a space for everything in your office and keep most items put away until you need them.

Try Rearranging

The location of your office supplies can impact feng shui as well as general productivity. For instance, if you print several hundred documents every day, you don't want to put the printer on the opposite side of your office. Keep the items you use most often within arm's reach, such as your telephone, pen holder, and file tray. You'll spend less time moving around your office and more time getting things done.

Get Motivational

Your office should inspire creativity and introspection, so surround yourself with positive imagery and motivational quotes. Choose quotes that make you want to work harder and get more creative with your workday. Bring in photographs of people you love and places to which you'd love to travel.

Get Up

Sitting behind a desk all day isn't just monotonous — it's also bad for your health. If possible, get up several times a day, if only just to stretch next to your desk. If you have a more relaxed work environment, take a walk down the corridor or walk up and down a staircase for a few times. Those who work from home can go even further. Get outdoors and let nature work its magic. Set an alarm for every two hours to remind you to get out of the chair and on your feet.

Feng shui works for every room in the house or office building. Try some of these tips to get your office in order, and consider consulting an online clairvoyant if you run into a feng shui roadblock.

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