Do You Have an Emergency Fund For the Unexpected?

Published Date 5/5/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Do you have an emergency fund for the unexpected?

How many times have you been stuck in a jam due to a lack of funds in your bank account? When the unexpected happens, you may need a few bucks to handle a late electricity bill or something as critical as your mortgage. That being said, there are several reasons to create an emergency fund.

If you haven't done so already, there are a few ways you can get started. First, State Farm recommends taking a couple of moments to calculate your household expenses. This will give you an idea of how much money you should be putting aside to handle the unexpected.

Next, agree on an amount that you want to put toward your account each month with your spouse. Then, recommends setting up automatic deposits to ensure that the money gets to it. Relying on yourself to remember to deposit the cash can reduce the efficiency of your savings plan.

If you're worried about unexpected expenses arising, contact a psychic line sooner rather than later. Authentic psychic readings can let you know if you're in for financial trouble in the future and help you strategize accordingly.


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