Coping with a spouse who splurges with cash

Published Date 3/11/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Coping with a spouse who splurges with cash

How many times have you found yourself disappointed in your spouse because of his spending habits? It's not uncommon for couples to have opposing money management strategies, but these can have a negative impact on a relationship over time.

If you feel that your spouse simply splurges too often, there are a couple of ways that you can tackle the situation. First, sit down and have a serious conversation with your partner about how he chooses to spend his money. Is it having a detrimental effect on his savings account? Perhaps he simply needs to be reminded of this.

Next, show your spouse the benefits of saving money. Think about leading by example - explain ways that you've been able to make big purchases by planning ahead.

Finally, recommends keeping bank accounts separate in order to avoid creating money-related stress in your relationship.

Speak to your love psychic if you feel like your marriage is suffering from your spouse's spending habits. A tarot reading can let you know if he'll get better with money in the future or if you should seek professional financial assistance.

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