Budgeting your exchange of vows event accordingly

Published Date 1/31/2013
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Budgeting your exchange of vows event accordingly

If you didn't have a big wedding ceremony when you first tied the knot, you might want to hold an exchange of vows that does your marriage justice - a lavish dress, exciting reception and beautiful venue are all in order. But how do you save money when planning this type of event?

There are a couple of ways you can hold a wonderful exchange of vows ceremony and reception without breaking the bank. Real Simple Magazine recommends holding your event during off-peak times of the year. For example, hosting it between January and March can save you up to 30 percent on costs when fewer people are looking to host wedding ceremonies.

Another way to keep your event from breaking your budget is to limit how many people you invite to the event. Try to keep your guest list slim by only including family members and close friends.

If you're concerned about how your finances will fare after you host your exchange of vows event, consider speaking to your live psychic. Through a series of authentic psychic readings, you can gain insight into how close you'll stay on budget and where you can make necessary adjustments.

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