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Published Date 4/14/2017
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Don't let the boss at work ruin your day!

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Many people find it difficult to maintain a positive and energetic state of being when in a less than ideal atmosphere. Let’s say you do all the right things. You get up in the morning do some stretches, get a little exercise, have a wholesome breakfast, and say some affirmations. You are feeling pretty good, right?! 

It’s Gonna Be a Great Day!!!
Now you are on your way to work. Your favorite song is on, and you’re rocking out. Everything is going smoothly. Traffic is cruising along and you seem to get every green light possible. Now you are really feeling awesome. You feel like today is going to be almost supernatural you feel so good. Then you go into work radiating happiness, unlimited possibility, with a smile beaming on your face. 

It's Gonna Be a Good Day!
The first co-worker you run into appears to be down. You want everyone to be on cloud nine with you. You try and cheer up your co-worker with a smile, warm greeting, and a compliment. They return your smile with a sneer and your compliment with a complaint. You feel a little of your sunny disposition start to cloud over. You try to shake it off and move on with your day.

Now you are hard at work just killing it! Your work is effortless. You are in the flow. A co-worker notices how good of a mood you are in, and how well things are going for you. They decide to come over for a little visit as they are avoiding their own work. You notice a figure looming over you, with nasty look on their face. You look up smiling and ask them how they are doing. They just unload on you, “Why are you so happy? We are at work you know? The boss must have given you all the easy work I see. It must be nice to be so oblivious.” Then your co-worker skulks away. 

It's Gonna Be an OK Day.
This incident really hits you like a ton of bricks, but as some time goes by you manage to shake it off again. You realize they are trying to make you feel as miserable as they feel, and you just aren’t down for that. Even still you feel your energy has dropped again and now you are feeling a bit vulnerable. You eventually get back into the flow again. Then your boss comes by. 

Well, There’s Always Tomorrow…
They blame you for not completing something that was not your responsibility. They notice your good mood and mistake it for something else. They tell you, “You really need to get it together. You need to take things more seriously. This is work not play time.” Your boss rolls their eyes and walks off without noticing how much work you have finished, or even giving you a chance to speak at all. Your mood and energy plummets. By the time you get back home from work, you are in a terrible mood. You feel like something subhuman. Then you try and pick yourself up again for the next day. 

Free to Be You!
What if it was possible to go through that day without ever missing a beat? What if you could keep your amazing uplifted state of being all day no matter who came at you with what attitude. People will try different ways to pull you down because they either feel threatened by your awesome state of being or they are jealous and feel they cannot have what you have.

One of the most common manipulations people will use is to try and make you less by thinking less of you. I believe the most important and freeing step to remaining positive that you can make is not to care how others perceive you. If you don’t care how others perceive you then you do not give their opinion of you any power over you. They can’t classify you and put you in a box. You are simply free to be you without their interference. 

It’s Nothing Personal
The next thing is to not take other people’s thoughts, feelings, words, or actions personally. People will try and project on to you how they perceive reality to be. It’s the rules they have accepted and they feel it’s the rules everyone should have to live by. If someone sees you being happy and fulfilled in place that they have concluded should not be allowed or is not possible for them, it makes them angry. It makes them feel cheated, left out, or inadequate in some way. 

The sensible thing for these people to do would be to ask you how you manage to accomplish positivity amidst adversity. Given enough time they will, but first they have to overcome all the excuses they have made to be a victim and to behave irresponsibly. 

You can’t change anyone. They must want to make the change in themselves.

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Creatrix: Perfect advice! Thank you for sharing your uplifting message. I hope many more people find your article and absorb its heartfelt truth. Namaste.

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