Becoming the breadwinner of the family and adjusting to the changes

Published Date 9/23/2012
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Becoming the breadwinner of the family and adjusting to the changes

If you recently received a promotion and you're now making more money than your spouse, you might find more tension in your relationship than before, especially if he had always been the breadwinner. Cultural norms have embedded the notion in our minds that women are meant to sit back and take care of the kids while men earn the money.

That being said, plenty has changed over the past century as more educational opportunities have become available to women. Furthermore, women are starting to fulfill leadership roles in the workplace, which can make some people (men, specifically) uncomfortable.

Just because you're now making more money than your spouse doesn't mean your marriage needs to be negatively affected. There are many ways that you can put your loved one's mind at ease.

Focus on your spouse's contributions states that the best thing you can do to make your spouse feel better during these changes is to recognize his achievements and how he provides for your household. Try to avoid emphasizing the money factor and make note of how he takes care of the kids or ensures that the house stays in tip-top shape. These pieces of motivation can go a long way for your spouse's self-esteem.

Maintain respect

While you might have a better-paying job, it's important to maintain a certain level of respect for your significant other and what he does in his profession. Even if you're not on the same career paths and he doesn't have a promotion in his future, acknowledge his accomplishments. Let him know that you recognize the effort he puts into being good at his own job.

Make the best of your bonus

Whether you received a bonus, raise or a promotion that has lead to more money in your bank account, look for ways that you can use these funds to positively affect your household as a whole. Together, you and your spouse can both reap the benefits of this good news by putting more money toward your savings account or retirement funds.

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