Becoming a leader in the workplace

Published Date 11/27/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Becoming a leader in the workplace

If you regularly feel like you're being glanced over in the workplace, you might want to start working toward garnering more self-respect. One way to get noticed and feel better in the office is to take on a leadership role - but how do you become a leader?

Psychology Today magazine states that you can start by being confident in everything you do on a daily basis. If you're 100-percent sure of all of your decisions, you'll gain support and attract attention from those around you.

You can top off this initiative by evaluating the needs of people in your environment, according to Forbes magazine. By examining the necessities of your coworkers, you can make moves to help them in any way you can. Lending assistance can improve your reputation as a leader and even get you some brownie points with your boss.

If you constantly feel inadequate in the workplace, it might be time for you to start searching for a new job. Consider speaking to a psychic to gain a sense of direction in your career. A live psychic may indicate that it's the right time to pursue an underlying passion, whether it's engineering or art.

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