Avoiding distractions in the workplace

Published Date 9/17/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Avoiding distractions in the workplace

It can be difficult to perform to the best of your ability at work if you're constantly finding yourself distracted. If you struggle to finish all of your tasks for the day because of your environment, take the following tips into consideration.

1. Set up a time to check your email.

It's not secret that email can be incredibly distracting. To avoid spending too much time checking every message that flows into your inbox, set aside a specific time to go through your email during the day.

2. Turn off your phone.

MindTools.com recommends turning off your phone when you're in the middle of an important set of tasks. Doing so can eliminate any distractions during moments when you're trying to reach your goals.

3. Distract yourself from distractions.

Listen to music or wear earplugs to avoid listening to nearby coworkers who may be keeping you from getting work done.

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